Education and its impacts in students learning Essay

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Education and its impacts in students learning

The paper is about education and how its impacts enhance students learning. Universal access to education is one of the millennium goals of development. The main observations have been made together with the impacts. There is a brief introduction to what education really is. In addition, the essay further concludes by giving recommendations to what should be done to ensure every person has access to learning facilities both in the developing and undeveloped countries. Introduction Education can be termed as wealth of awareness.

It can be picked up by a person and passed from one generation to the next after studying a certain subject or undergoing life lessons. It can be said to be a form of learning. Unfortunately, universal access to education has not been completely attained. A great education begins at home hence the kind of a background a child comes from will have an impact on their education. Observations made on education It has been observed that poverty particularly in developing countries is a major cause for education inequality. Secondly, the importance of education in modern world cannot be taken for granted.

For instance, some sectors such as the military previously did not put emphasis on education requirements but currently they have raised minimum education requirements. It has also been observed that most countries are adopting modern technology in their learning institutions. There has been an increase in use of electronic devices such as laptops and I pads. More so, learning has been made easier since one can be educated from home through the e-learning. The observations made can be compared to the education indicators as listed by Aud et. al (2013).

Impacts on students learning The Social economic status is based on the parent’s level of learning, their profession, earnings and their position in their social order. Parents with a high social economic status are likely to lay a good background for their children education than those of low status. They can afford to buy their children most of education materials they require such as pens, books and toys for young kids to enhance their early schooling. They are also capable of ensuring that their offspring have access to quality health care.

In addition, these parents can access information about the well performing schools and they can also afford to pay the fees. On the other hand, parents with low social economic status usually do not have high levels of education hence their children will not be well prepared at home to start schooling unlike those with high social economic status. Gender in most African countries is still an issue to be looked upon. Boys are always preferred when it comes to access to education especially when resources to take children to school are limited.

For instance, even if a girl had a better score than a boy, parents in most of African countries will prefer to take the boy for higher learning. Studies have shown that most of the poorest women in most countries have not even completed their primary school. Poverty is another impact on education. Children from poor households are less likely to perform well in class. These children usually have less participation in class, their level of terminology is low hence unlikely to perform well.

Their parents cannot afford good nutrition for their kids and as a result, kids may have nutritional related illnesses and their education is disrupted. Parenting is the process of upbringing children. A child’s parent is commonly their first educator. Parents have roles of ensuring that their children are prepared for school, for example by ensuring that they have sufficient food and good health, this is necessary for a child concentration in class which results to good performance. It is at home that parents mostly emphasis on virtues such as hard work, integrity and commitment.

The Society also has an impact on education. Community customs and practices have a great impact on education, which can either be helpful or damaging. For example, communities with traditions that encourage early marriages for girls prevent them from accessing their fundamental right to education. Technology, which is being embraced quite well in most countries, has a great impact on students’ performance. This is majorly for students in higher learning institutions. Students with access internet are able to complete their assignments in time.

Most of higher learning institutions have embraced modern technology and they are offering some courses or units online, this is convenient for those students with access to internet because they can take classes at their free time and can also learn at their own pace. Conclusion Social economic status and poverty have the greatest impact on children access to education. Other factors with impact on education are access to technology, parenting, and race among others. These factors may have positive or negative impacts on children access to education.

Undesirable effects such as inequality in education can be dealt with by making primary school education free and compulsory. If possible, education at each stage should be made free or affordable to everyone, promoting women education, discouraging child labor and school dropouts. Embracing modern technology improves education quality worldwide. References Aud, S. , Wilkinson-Flicker, S. , Kristapovich, P. , Rathbun, A. , Wang, X. , Zhang, J. , & National Center for Education Statistics, (2013). The Condition of Education 2013. NCES 2013- 037 . National Center For Education Statistics, accessed on 24th May 2013.

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