Education and its' forms

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As they move into adolescents learning is obtained from multiple people including teachers, friends, and even through their surroundings. An ideal education promotes knowledge while incorporating valuable information that can be used to help in everyday life. “-Education is the process of acquiring knowledge. ” True education comes in many different forms. Granted it is important to study the basic academic courses including reading, writing, arithmetic, science, and social studies which all will help set a strong foundation for the student.

It is equally just as significant that the educator offer alternative information for the well-being of the student.

Education should build not only on the text that lies within a book, but should also touch base with everyday life. Nutrient plays a key role in education. For someone to be alert, and attentive in class it is crucial for them to get a healthy meal to retain the information. There are many ways that administration can assist in this matter. For starters, they need to assure that every student gets a well-balanced breakfast in the morning and a wholesome lunch in the afternoon.

We need to educate students that proper nourishment is a must. Every school should have a dietician design a meal plan that revolves around wholesome foods. Each student needs to be taught that good eating habits are essential to living a healthy life-style and being successful. A lot of health issues could be avoided if school providers taught children at a young age the difference between good foods and bad.

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Also, by putting the teachings into action and letting the children practice fun ways to create healthy dishes with their classmates and absorb an important lesson.

So many people eat the wrong foods and suffer tremendously because, they are not educated on the proper foods to consume. Students need to be aware what can happen if they make poor eating choices, and how junk food effects not only their health and weight, but also their mental capability’s as well. Good eating habits need to be exercised in the lunchroom, as well as the classroom to be fully educated in nutrient. Physical fitness is equally important when speaking upon education.

With computers and video games on the rise, it is more likely in today’s society for a child to be sitting in front of one of these devices, then it is for them to be playing outside. While these machines can be great educational tools and stimulate the mind, they do nothing when it comes to physical fitness. Physical education needs to be incorporated in the learning process. Students need to experience the joy associated with exercise. Physical education classes today are either limited or almost non-existent. Students should have a set time everyday for physical education. This will help fight obesity and promote healthy-living.

Students need to be exposed to physical hard work and know that it pays off. The rewards associated with physical education are huge. It teaches the student how to get in shape and stay fit while building strength. Physical education gives the student the necessary tools to participate in after school sports as well as exposing them to different activities. By doing so it points the student in a positive direction, and gives them a clear outlook on life. It praises confidence and frowns on laziness. From this class the student will take away the skills needed to keep their body healthy and trim.

It also will build social development with others while enlightening them. There is no better way to learn than learning through exposure. The student needs to be taught that a healthy body is equally important to a healthy mind. Education comes in many forms. Home economics at one point in time was quit popular in our school systems. Over the years the budget for this course has dissipated. But there is still great importance for this class, for both boys and girls. It is not out of the ordinary for students in today’s generation to graduate high school, attend college and not know how to function and live as young adults.

This course is crucial for instilling the survival skills to transition from living at home with parents, to living on one’s own. All of the basic household duties should be taught along the lines of learning how to do laundry, sew, and prepare meals. Also how to clean properly and how to manage a household domestically and financially. These skills will be used in everyday life, and are important to be educated on. Education also means sophistication. Teachers play a huge role in sharing their knowledge through textbooks, and communication. They are truly the key in getting a student interested and excited about learning something new.

If the student connects with the instructor it makes it easier to retain the information . We need educators who love their job, and who are happy to pass along valuable teachings. Even when a student gets discouraged, a good educator, who cares, goes beyond there call of duty to make sure the student is understanding the information. Even though they teach the basics courses which include English, Math, Science, and History, education should also give the student options. Being educated means you are well-rounded in different areas. It would be of great value if the student could study more than just the requirements.

If they could pick out subjects that interest them, it’s more likely that they will absorb the information, and be excepting of the learning process. Since one-third of a child’s life is spent in a classroom its inevitable that the educator have a great deal of influence on how the student perceives learning. For the instructor it’s crucial that they find fun ways to motivate the student, while getting their point across. Being creative puts the student a greater advantage because, it stimulates the mind and makes them more willing to retain the facts. Smaller classrooms ensure that the student recieve more one on one attention.

It takes a special person to be an educator, and provide enlightenment so the student can have a fair chance at success. Ultimately it is the individual who will decide what their future holds. Whether they choose to be a stay at home parent, have an office job, or work outdoors, their education is centered around what was learned in the classroom, and should roll over into their adult lives. Having an education is of great value, and it is that education that strengthens them as a person. It requires dedication, and motivation to build on the person you are, and the person that you will become.

Every situation and ordeal that a person encounters builds on their character, and their mind growth. Education is knowledge learned from others. There are many people that contribute to the learning process. Of course the obvious is someone’s family, friends, or teacher , but really anyone who enlightens you into understanding something is educating you. The greatest phenomenon associated with education is that there is always something new to learn. An ideal education incorporates many individuals who share valuable information that can be used in everyday life, while generating options and opportunity for success.

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