Education a Better Way of Life Essay

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Education a Better Way of Life

One question for graduating high school students is to go on to school to further their education and get a degree, or get a job and make money. If they choose to pursue an education, there are different degrees for them to get. For example, associate degree, bachelor degree, or an advanced degree such as a master degree. These choices are difficult for a young adult to make. The benefits of a higher education include: higher salaries, better long term health, children who perform at a higher level and lower divorce rates.

Those with a master’s degree earned almost twice as much over people who have jobs as just a high school graduate. The higher levels of education lead to both higher levels of earnings for individuals. A person with a typical bachelor’s degree can earn about 61 percent more over a 40 year working life than a high school graduate. Studies show that people with a high school degree make $31,500 a year for fulltime year around workers. People with a master’s degree make $61,300 a year fulltime year around workers. The cause of going to school for extra years and earning a more advanced degree will affect how big your salaries will be.

When a high school graduate choose to pursue an education they are more likely to live a healthier life. At every age and income level, higher levels of education are correlated with better health. At every age, individuals with a higher level of education are more likely to participate in a light exercise than those with lower levels of education. Smoking rates among college graduates have been significantly lower than smoking rates among other adults. Also individuals with a higher education level are less likely to become involved with drugs and have an alcohol problem.

The cause of people not going to college to further their education will have an effect on their health for the rest of their life. Children with parents that have a college education are more likely to be more advanced and active in their age group. Studies show that 35 percent of kids whose parents have bachelor’s degree can recognize all of the letters of the alphabet before preschool, while 20 percent of kids whose parents just have a high school education. Children whose parents have a bachelor’s degree 55 percent have 3 to 4 skills, when 35 percent do whose parents just have an high school diploma.

Parents with a higher education level their children are more likely to participate in after school activities nearly double than those with just a high school education. The cause of you going to pursue a higher education will have a great effect on your children. It will help them develop into better adults, which will help out society greatly. People pursuing a higher education will benefit society greatly. Higher levels of education are correlated with higher levels of participation in volunteer activities.

The amount of hours a individual with a bachelors degree volunteers is 55, a person with just a high school diploma are close to 20 percent. Even blood donation goes up with a higher education. In every age group, adults with higher levels of education are more likely to vote than those with a less of an education. Almost every age group a bachelor’s degree nearly doubles a high school graduate who votes. The cause of having a higher education will have an effect on society in the future. When you have a college degree you are likely to get a good reliable job.

A job that pays well, be your own boss, work the hours of your choice, and do what you love. If an individual would just have a high school diploma you could be stuck standing all day in a factory line working horrible night shifts doing the same thing all night. You could be not making the money you thought you would, have a horrible boss who yells at you and take orders from him all day. Another benefit of having a higher education is having a job that supplies you with health insurance. Unemployment rates are much lower for college graduates than for high school graduates.

Having any degree increases your chances of not being unemployed greatly. Individuals with just high school diplomas will have a greater chance of living in poverty than those with a college degree. The cause of getting a college degree, will affect the rest of your life if you are going to be unemployed or living in poverty. While on the surface it appears to be a difficult decision, it turns out to be a really easy choice to make. Once you know the benefits in obtaining a degree the decision becomes much easier. The benefits such as: higher salaries, healthier life style, children performing at a higher level, and other benefits to society.

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