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As children we all have dreams, goals, and aspirations of being someone or something great. We are taught that the sky is the limit, but as we grow up we learn that there are footprints on the moon, that’s why I feel nothing is impossible. When I was younger I was undecided on what I wanted to be; a policeman, fireman, or maybe even a doctor but growing up and now seeing how the world works I’ve decided that I wanted to be a cooperate lawyer. Some people may have doubts in my dream of becoming a cooperate lawyer but I am determined to prove them wrong.

In Ferris High School my freshman year I began learning about business management, the more I learned the more interested I became. Finding myself doing personal research outside the classroom, it was clear to me I wanted to become a cooperate lawyer. Before learning about business management school was just something I had to do because it was a requirement but now it’s something I’m truly passionate about. I’m so excited for my future because I know after high school I’m going to further my knowledge and become a successful cooperate lawyer.

Furthering my education beyond High School is very important to me for many reasons. My main reason for furthering my education is because I want to prove to myself, those who doubt me, my family and everyone else that great things are possible and that anything can be achieved if you work hard. I also want to further my education beyond High School because knowledge is the key to success. I want to grow up and leave a positive impression on my younger relatives and be someone they can look up too in the future.

Also furthering my education would give me great skills and experience. Becoming a cooperate lawyer would not only be a dream fulfilled for me, but also it would make a great amount of money. Money I could use to help my family and struggling foundations and organizations that are in need. I feel I deserve to be prom queen because I have overcome many struggles and obstacles in life. Though I’ve been through a lot I’ve never let that stand in the way or become an excuse for not succeeding. Nothing in life was ever given to me, and I always had to work for what I have.

Though it was not easy I wouldn’t have it any other way because, I feel this is what made me become a responsible young adult. It would mean the world to me if I were to become prom queen because it was something I dreamt about as a little girl. If I won it would be a childhood dream, and something I could show to my younger relatives that great things are possible if you put your mind to it and work hard. If I don’t win prom queen at least I could say that I gave it all my effort in an attempt to win.

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