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Educating Rita Into the World Speech Essay

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“Explain how Educating Rita and Step Brothers portray the consequences of moving into the world” When a person moves into the world, they are often met with consequences for seeking this change. Willy Russell’s “Educating Rita” and Judd Apatow’s “Step Brothers” portray both positive and negative consequences of this change. Both protagonists experience the change of moving into a new life; however they are met with different consequences. Rita is first portrayed as a poorly educated 26 year old woman who is eager to become an intellectual after growing up in lower class British society.

This is portrayed when Rita is first heard complaining about the door handle in Franks office, “I’m comin’ in aren’t I? It’s the stupid bleeding handle on the door! ” The door is a symbol for the barrier of going into the world. As Rita progresses, the door becomes easier to open, until she’s at the final stage of going into the world, when she bursts through the door. Russell uses colloquial language and slang to portray Rita’s obvious lack of education and proper manners. Rita doesn’t introduce herself and merely wanders about the room asking questions and interrupting Frank.

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This lack of respect and manners towards Frank is another example of her ignorance of social class and etiquette. One consequence which Rita must face in order to move into the world is the breakdown of her marriage. Her husband does not like that she is trying to break away from their lower class lifestyle and this is shown by him burning her books and throwing away her birth control pills. Rita is forced to leave him and this is one consequence which she must face in her quest for a new life.

Russell uses the Rita’s ability to question Frank’s views as a representation of her progress of her move into the world. At the beginning of the play Rita see’s Frank as an idol and a symbol of what she wants to become, “I feel like you feed me without expecting a single thing in return”. However by the end of the play Rita is forming her own opinions on topics and even questioning Frank’s views of “Blake’s”. Frank notices this and even compliments her saying that she will “Sail through” her exam. This change in social class is another consequence of Rita’s journey into the world.

Rita displays her loathing for her former self when she rejects Frank’s calls for her to maintain the uniqueness which he loved about her; however he realizes that she must change in order for her to be able to pass examinations. “You’re going to have to supress, perhaps even abandon your uniqueness. I’m going to have to change you. ” This is a consequence of Rita’s move into the world. At the climax of the play, Frank alludes to the novel “Frankenstein” where the beast turns on his creator. This is how Frank now sees Rita as he was once her creator, and she is now his equal. This represents Rita’s final step into moving into the world.

In Judd Apatow’s “Step Brothers” 2 immature, 40 year old step brothers Dale and Brennan who live at home are forced by their parents to find jobs in a month or they will be kicked out of home. Apatow uses satire and comedy to portray the characters immaturity. Line’s such as “Why don’t you take a picture it’ll last longer? ” and “He said a mean thing first” are commonly heard by a child; however Apatow uses this language to represent their lack of social skills and childish behaviour.

The consequences of moving into the world are shown when Dale and Brennan do eventually get jobs and their own apartment and hate their lives. I’m miserable. I had to get up at 10am this morning” Dale quotes. This consequence is realized by their parents who originally forced the change and Dale’s father’s storey of how he wanted to be a dinosaur growing up makes Brennan and Dale realize that you don’t have to make a change if you’re happy with how things are. Thus to conclude both “Educating Rita” and “Step Brothers” portray the consequences of moving into the world. Although Step Brothers shows that moving into the world is not always necessary.

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