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Educating Essex

Dear editor, I am writing to you because I find it impossible to understand why ‘Educating Essex’ represents teenagers in this such way to society today, it only makes an impression of them, that “all Britain’s teenagers are goby, impolite, spoilt and lacking enough self-discipline to interact with anyone. ” This supports stereotypes of modern reckless teens, when in reality “the majority of Britain’s teenagers are interesting, polite and simply brilliant young people quietly going about the business of creating a bright future for themselves.

On ‘Educating Essex’ I have witnessed many negative things that show teenagers in a bad way, such as students walking across a table, pupils on mobile phones, swearing at each other and teachers, cyber-bullying, teenage pregnancy and young girls caked with make-up, even the introduction is very negative towards teenagers. This shows that all teenagers don’t behave in school and do not care about their education and future, but majority of students are not like that, most of them are fun-loving, active and mature for their age.

I think the reason for their behaviour are the cameras, as most of them want to show off and think it’s a good idea to play up to them. ‘Educating Essex’ has only focused on the students that badly behave and cause the trouble all the time, but they haven’t showed the good side of teenagers, where they work hard in class, and behave because they are working to achieve the equivalent of five or more GCSE’s at grade A* to C.

The programme only creates a fake image of a typical teenager, but certainly they do not act like that, and I know that because I am a student myself, and I’ve never seen this kind of behaviour in my school. I think that the Daily Mail article only focuses on the teachers in ‘Educating Essex’ and mostly points out the bad things teachers say and do. Also how they carry out the lesson, it shows how immature they are when they burst into a class and disturb the lesson just to sing happy birthday.

Another teacher is shown; as the students are leaving his class he tells them “Clear off, scumbags”. In a different scene it shows when Mr Goddard hides behind his door as Mr Drew enters the room, he reaches out his arm around the door to welcome his deputy with a two-fingered gesture, and Mr Drew’s respond is “ You are such a ****er”. In episode two, there is a scene shown of a girl called Carmelita, who accuses the deputy of assaulting her.

At first she tells him to “get lost” and “shut up”, but in the end she gets excluded when he tells him to “**** off”. The deputy is cleared after the headtecher watches the CCTVcameras footage. Also the article mentions that “this sort of behaviour by pupils shouldn’t be allowed and there is extremely childish behaviour by the teachers, who are setting a very bad example for the pupils as they are likely to see the programme” in results of this the teenagers are influenced by what they see on the TV, and think it’s right to behave in this practical way, another influence are the teachers, as they set an example for the students.

One more significant reason for child’s behaviour are the parents, because of the way they are bough up, if they have problems at home they will release their anger in school, on students and teachers. But essentially that article did not mention any positive things about teenagers. There were few positive things that I’ve witnessed on ‘Educating Essex’ but not many as I expected to be. I think one of them was when, they showed the students reflecting on what they have done wrong and teachers, because it’s great to hear both sides of the story, also the relationship between the teachers and students which doesn’t happen very often.

Additionally how the teachers refused to give up on challenging the pupils, so they have a chance to achieve. But I think the programme should’ve showed more of the satisfactory students who are interesting, polite and clearly brilliant young people trying to achieve, to have a better future. The ‘Observer’ article has also only highlighted the bad points about teenagers, much the same as the ‘Daily Mail’ article. But it makes the reader hate teens, as they call them “gobby, spaced- out, bizarre” this only shows how selfish they are, and do not care about others.

Also they point out how they dress and refer to girls as “spoiled brats”, and in my opinion they are allowed to do what they want, because it’s their own choice to look like that. I think that the programme doesn’t give a real image of teenagers today because, in my opinion everyone is different, and also because it only concentrated on the bad behaved student where on the other hand there is more students that work really hard on everything, and also contribute in society.

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