Eduardo Eduardo Bonilla Silva: Research about Racism

All the time we read articles and books about racism we have this question, Is racism a thing of the past? Is color-blind racism perpetuated inequality? According to a Sociologist Eduardo Eduardo Bonilla Silva found something interesting about whites, he found that they use four types of color blind; abstract liberalism, naturalization, cultural racism, minimization of racism. The First type he name’s as abstract liberalism it justifies racial inequality, this type is around liberal ideas such as equality of opportunities.

The second type is naturalization. The good explanation is that the people like to be around others who are like them. They think is natural or normal.

The third type is cultural racism. Ethnic or racial groups discrimination based on Cultural differences. The fourth and final type is minimization of racism. The discrimination factor is not the big issue for people of color in other words is not a central factor affecting the people’s life. As we see all these frames the racial ideology ignores the needs, or we can say distinctive needs, experiences and identities of people color.

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Still calling racism a color-blind, it is pressing racial inequality in the United State. I can see a transformation of racism into a newforms.

Such as the one that Bonilla Silva found, rhetorical strategies, or ways of expressing racist ideas without being labeled as racist, even though no one wants to be called a racist. In conclusion I think and agree that racial ideologies change everyday but, never disappear. I have observed the attitude of people when they say thing such as ‘I don’t like racism, but or my friends are black but It is a concept of color-blind ideology today.

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Eduardo Eduardo Bonilla Silva: Research about Racism

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