Edgware in London to City Road Essay

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Edgware in London to City Road

Using what I have learned from my study materials, I will compare Station Road, Edgware in London to City Road, Cardiff for either their similarities or differences relating to inequalities. Both roads are over 200 years old and have similar layouts. Station Road is located in a neighbourhood and is very similar to City Road as it is extremely busy with high volumes of traffic and also pedestrians shopping and commuting. Along this road there are a few takeaways, cafes, restaurants, newsagents and estate agents, pharmacy, banks, charity shops and also Edgware Underground station. On the one side of the streets is a big shopping centre with more shops inside and well known supermarkets Sainsburyâs and Marks & Spencer. There are similarities on mentioned streets such as road signs, bollards and of course shops and people which make the street what it is. City Road has a large Ethnic minority, on Station road only a small minority are white British, the rest are Asians and East Europeans.

There are also differences between the streets and this essay will use the differences to show how this can create inequalities. Differences are not just there or given, they are made by people in relation to others and by people in relation to material things and their environment.

One of the visible inequalities on Station Road is the traffic infrastructure. The numerous controlled crossings help pedestrians access their destinations, but in turn it has an adverse effect for motorists and increases social disorder between motorists and pedestrians as they fight for space among the road.

City Road was said to have been a country lane 200 years ago, but by the 1960âs was taken over by car showrooms. Most of them have been replaced by cafes, takeaways and restaurants designed for large numbers of ethnic minority and student population (The Street 2009, scene 1).

There are inequalities between local shops and big supermarkets on both streets. On the street I know there are three powerful stores, Sainsburyâs, Marks & Spencer and Lidl. They have large ranges of products, the competitive prices, car parking spaces, they sell more goods for the convenience of people.

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