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Eddie and Beatrice Essay

During the dance between Catherine and Rodolpho, Marco has a short conversation with Eddie and Beatrice. Eddie becomes jealous when Marco brags how well Rodolpho can cook. “We eat very well on the boat – especially when Rodolpho comes along; everybody gets fat”. Eddie outbursts with jealousy towards Rodolpho saying he “can’t cook, he can’t sing and he can’t make dresses”. Beatrice and Marco realised that whilst he was saying all of this that Eddie was twisting a newspaper into a tight roll. Eddie then goes on taking pity on himself. “If I could cook, if I could sing, if I could make dresses…” As Eddie goes on he gets more and more frustrated and agitated, eventually the newspaper snapped in half.

Eddie mentions boxing to Marco. Marco felt uneasy due to the fact he knew Eddie was frustrated. Eddie soon gets to his point across he wants to teach Rodolpho boxing. knowing full well that what he had in mind. Beatrice asked “What’s he got to learn that for?” As she tries to come up with a reason not to teach him boxing. Eddie begins to teach Rodolpho how to lead with his left hand and to block. After all this Eddie temps Rodolpho to hit him.

“Come on kid, put sump’m behind it” Rodolpho swings aggressively at Eddie’s jaw and grazes it. This heats up the tension even more. The audience expects a fight as Eddie should react to the blow. Eddie however does react but pretends that it is an accident but you can see that this is not the case. The effect of Eddie’s punch on Rodolpho was so fierce that the other characters was totally disgusted by it an knew that it was necessary. Catherine runs to Rodolpho’s aid and Marco rises and Beatrice tells Eddie, “That’s enough.” The audience might have expected this part of the scene to result in a big fight due to the unnecessary force Eddie used. They were stunned to see Rodolpho smirk and say, “I was only surprised.”

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Marco then challenges Eddie. This was a test of strength in which Eddie does not win. Marco displays his strength to all of the characters. Marco show off his strength and also warn off Eddie using a glare of warning which quickly reverts to a smile of triumph. This makes the audience feel sorry for Eddie because Marco was now the superior strength in the Carbone household. The audience were left in the dark as the scene ends with Marco holding a chair above Eddie’s head. Arthur Miller has created the dramatic scene ending. The instant difference between the end of Act I and the end of Act II is that at the end of Act I Marco proves his stength.

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