Ecosystem at Lakeland Florida Essay

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Ecosystem at Lakeland Florida

I live at Lakeland Florida, which is located directly between Orlando and Tampa. Lakeland is also sometimes described as having the atmosphere of a small town with the opportunities of a big city. The city’s name is also perfect because Lakeland boasts of many small lakes, though there are no rivers. Sinkholes are also common in the area as in other areas in Florida, which is known to have a lot of it. The land is also perfect for raising animals despite extreme environmental conditions and varying soil types prevalent in the whole of Florida.

Lakeland actually has a lot of cattle and livestock farms operating in the area. The city itself has many plants and trees planted all over especially in the parks. Examples of plants one can see around the city and parks are Purple Majesty (Pennisetum glaucum), Sun Shower (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis) and Okra `Little Lucy’ (Abelmoschus esculentus). Of course, there are also animals in the area. At Banana Lake, there are numerous water birds that inhabit the area near it. There are also eagles and ospreys that frequently fish the on the lake.

I think that Lakeland is actually a bit dependent on the ecosystem. This is because without the lakes, the city would not have enough supply of fresh water for the whole population. Also, the lakes are partly responsible for the economy of the city since they also serve as tourist spots. The lakes are also important for the animals and trees that thrive in the area. Water is an abiotic limiting factor in an ecosystem (Holzman, 2002). As for Lakeland, the freshwater lakes may be a limiting factor in a sense.

After all, if sinkholes were to swallow the lakes, the fish and other animals that live by it would vanish. With the loss of the lake, the city would also lose one of it’s tourist spots. It would, all in all, limit the number of people, animals and plant life that would thrive in Lakeland. Another limiting factor would be the interspecific competition between the water birds that live near lakes. Reference Holzman, B. (2002, October 3). Geography 316: Biogeography. Retrieved July 3, 2007 from http://community. nursingspectrum. com/MagazineArticles

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