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Ecosystem Essay Examples

Essay on Ecosystem

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Research of Bioaccumulation and Biomagnification

Overall, this was a decent lab that served its purpose of demonstrating the concepts regarding the process of bioaccumulation along with magnification. The lab provided sufficient background information, and the procedures were concise and easy to understand. However, I would like to make it clear that this lab could’ve been more productive and exciting if made online and virtual. Due to the fac...

Food Web Case Study

•I use myself for my last example. I am a human being, located within my own food web. I eat food that come animals. I need the oxygen that omits from trees and plants to survive. I go to work every day to provide for my family so that I can feed them. When I am applying for a job I am in competition with others that are looking to take care of their families, therefore we are in competition wit...

Threats to biodiversity hotspots

The destruction of mangroves means the benefits of them cannot be used for example they cannot effectively act as a buffer, which would normally lessen the danger of hazards such as hurricanes and cyclones. It is questionable whether the typhoon in 2001’s devastating effects could have been lessened if mangroves were better intact. A knock on effect of this is the coastline will erode quicker du...

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Ecosystem-Based Management

This paper has shown that the ecosystem-based management approach to environmental stewardship is a great approach to take that helps satisfy the needs of the many stakeholders. There have been some great examples of successes of adopting the EBM such as The Great Barrier Reef, The Arctic and The Great Bear Forest. There have also been failures such as tracking of the Grizzly Bears in Alberta. The...

An Introduction To Ecology And The Biosphere

Conservation at the Community, Ecosystem, and Landscape Levels 10. Explain how edges and corridors can strongly influence landscape biodiversity. 11. Define biodiversity hot spots and explain why they are important. 12. Explain why natural reserves must be functional parts of landscapes. 13. Define zoned reserves and explain why they are important. 14. Define restoration ecology and describe its g...

Food Chain Length

This food chain begins with Kelp and seaweed. Krill eats kelp that is in the bottom of the food chain, then it gets eaten by mackreel and herrings. The killer whale is at the top of the food chain that means no animal can eat it. It eats squid, octopus, seal and mackreel. Tuna is good to eat by humans. Kelp, mackreel, octopus, killer whale, red algae, krill, squid, tuna, anchovy, seal, sea lion an...

Shot essay about food chain

This food chain begins with Kelp and seaweed . Krill eats kelp that is in the bottom of the food chain , then it gets eaten by mackreel and herrings. The killer whale is at the top of the food chain that means no animal can eat it. It eats squid , octopus , seal and mackreel . Tuna is good to eat by humans . Kelp , mackreel , octopus , killer whale , red algae , krill , squid , tuna , anchovy , se...

Deforestation Paragraph

Without trees, more carbon and greenhouse gasses enter the atmosphere. As a result of deforestation, trees no longer evaporate groundwater, which can cause the local climate to be much drier. Deforestation accelerates rates of soil erosion, by increasing runoff and reducing the protection of the soil from tree litter. Millions of people rely directly on forests, through small-scale agriculture, hu...

Biomes of the earth

The chaparral biome is dominated by dense thickets of mostly small-leafed evergreen shrubs. It is characterized by hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters. This biome can be found in the foothills of California and Mediterranean climate regions. Chaparral plants have adapted to the frequent fires that result from lightning and dry conditions. The chaparral shrublands of California, with mixed commu...

The Balance Of Nature

The balance of nature is the state in an ecosystem where the interrelationships of organisms to one another and to their environment are harmonious and integrated to a considerable degree, a climate forest. This balance may be upset in many ways, such as by a drastic change in environmental conditions (erosion followed by death of many plants) or by a great increase in numbers of a certain organis...

The Importance of Ecosystem

Humanity rely on ecosystems for their utility value and have been used for medicines for thousands of years, for their waste, water and soil cleaning abilities, for their flood protection capabilities and for their intrinsic and aesthetic appeal. Natural ecosystems are part of our lives and need to be effectively managed so as to ensure they remain undamaged, and to ensure that any damage done is ...

Primary and Secondary Succession

Since the components of ecosystems all work together to sustain their environment, changes in any single part of the process, biotic or abiotic, can affect the entire ecosystem. Outside influences can also wreak havoc on an established ecosystem. These disturbances can result from natural or man-made disasters. Primary and secondary succession, although their instances of occurrence differ, both p...

Biogeochemical Cycles

Lakes appear more vulnerable to external contamination than rivers: lakes do not have an outflow and are likely to remain contaminated during much longer than rivers and seas. “Green belts” are the direct results of over-fertilization in lakes; under the impact of fertilizers, lakes experience organic materials’ mineralization. Excessive amounts of organic nutrients subsequently lead to unco...

Ecological Succession

The impact of a change in this food web to the ecosystem would be drastic, because again, every organism would be affected by it. This real life food web is similar to The Lion King food web because they each have the same amount of trophic levels. Ecological succession can change a community by making exponential changes to the ecosystem over time, symbiotic relationships are important in maintai...

Forest and Virtual Nature Walk

In my opinion this forest was falling apart and wasn’t enjoyable (I even remember screaming from going through a spider web). One recreational activity I would want to do in a forest is go camping. One way I can protect the forests health while camping is clean the area. When I walked through the forest I found garbage on the trail and that is extremely harmful to the ecosystem. I would actually...

Environmental Science and Human Populations Worksheet

We as individuals have exponential power to support and help the ecosystem. Cultivating your own food is a great start. Growing up my family always planted a garden. We grew a multitude of vegetables including corn, potatoes, onions, and peppers. What we didn’t use right away we canned or froze so that we would have vegetables year round. I have other family members that raise cows, chickens, an...

Ecological Pyramids Worksheet

8. Discuss what trophic level humans can occupy on an ecological pyramid, and explain what happens to contaminants and environmental pollution (such as mercury) as you move down and up the ecological pyramid (what is this called?). Humans can occupy any consumer trophic level depending on what they are eating. Contaminants accumulate in greater concentrations as you move up the pyramid. This is ca...

The Ecosystem of Big Bend National Park

Guidelines regarding Human Activities • The General Management Plan for Big Bend Park was revised in 2004 by the U.S. Department of the Interior for park services. This management plan outlined actions to be taken in certain areas of the park to help with water conservation as well as protecting certain endangered species of fish and plants. (National Park Services, 2013) . • Fire danger is al...

Climate Change and Tropical Biodiversity

They further call for a renewed focus on ecological connectivity between forests and protected areas, so as to reduce susceptibility to fires as well as allow for better potential for wild-life range shift in situations of habitat loss. These are all noble calls for action, but they probably are slightly idealistic in today’s world. Most people are motivated by profits and capital advancement fi...

Biodiversity as a Result of Ecosystem

Procedure Plan is the key point of each procedure. As I already found material needed for beginning of my investigation, I have to decide on two different location for measuring. It is going to be meadow and garden around family house. In both locations, area of measurement is going to be 3 m2 and I am going to make sure that during the measurement in both locations, conditions of temperature are ...

A Balanced Ecosystem - An Aquarium

Aichi will work hard to achieve a sustainable society and set an example for the global community through the collaboration of industry, academia, government, and residents of Aichi. The approach of Ecosystem Networking establishment restores greenery at schools, parks and business establishments, green belts on the roadsides, and river banks to the local environment used to be there. If Satoyama ...

The Effects of Deforestation on Our Environment

Clearing the forest considerably increases the surface run- off from rainfall, chiefly because a greater amount of the rain reaches the ground due to a lack of vegetation which would suck up the excess rainfall. In tropical regions where the forests are dense, flooding is not a serious problem because there is vegetation to absorb the rainfall. A problem occurs in areas where there is little rainf...

General Principles of Ecology

Torpor on the other hand is whereby animals lower their body temperature but at minimal levels as compared to that in hibernators. Animals that undergo torpor may be inactive but usually wake up several times. The Black Bear is not considered as a true hibernator because its body temperature does not reduce significantly as that of a true hibernator . Furthermore, the bear remains alert and active...

Conservation of Biodiversity

AAAS Advancing science serving society (2012). Biodiversity: A new recognition of a timeless phenomenon. [online image]. Available from: <http://www.aaas.org/international/ehn/biod/ness1.htm> [ Accessed 3 February 2012]. Colorado state university (2009). Colorado natural heritage program: connecting conservation and science [online] Colorado: Colorado natural heritage program. Available from...

Forest Ecosystem

In America there were great wooded extensions to the arrival of the Spaniards. The action of more and more destructive technologies did that at the present time only one small part of the territory is covered by forests. The rest was destroyed to obtain firewood and wood of construction and for the manufacture of furniture, or simply burned to disassemble the grounds that could be used in the agri...

Evaluate the Importance of Ecosystem Management and Protection

Furthermore, the management of ecosystem is important to ensure sustainable development, preservation and minimized disturbances and recognition of ecosystem’s importance. Ecosystems change when they are controlled or disturbed. This may be the result of human or natural factors and may be intentional or inadvertent. Intentional changes can produce a number of unforeseen consequences, which crea...

Ecological Succession

Time                                                                    Soil                                    Climate                                                     ...

Reaction Paper: Film About Life The Forest Has

Trees for example, need light for making food and getting energy but since they are too many in numbers, only the oldest and the strongest get to grow. Even so, since life is a cycle, a death of a powerful tree sheds birth to small plants and a new cycle or generation comes about. Animals have their way of surviving too. They usually go or live in large numbers so as to get a strategic territory. ...

External Factor Are Affecting the Ecosystems

Even tough there are solutions for these activities to reduce or to stop, they are not completely efficient. In my opinion after all my investigation, apart from the pollution affecting indirectly to the tundra, the other activities are not a major concern for the arctic wolf’s ecosystem. As seen, human activities impact in the arctic wolf’s ecosystem is not positive (although they don’t dam...


It looks like the things that I am doing to onserve in this area are being beneficial to the planets use of this resource. The ecological footprint is a measure of human demand on the Earth's ecosystems. As I look at the results of my quiz, it is apparent to me that I am not at risk of being one that overuses the earth's resources and that I am doing a good Job of helping the planet have a suffici...

Biodiversity and Ecosystem

Crops, as well as yielding grain also yield straw , the straw provides organic matter and fodder, crops are therefore food sources for humans and animals then the soil and organisms such as bacteria and algae serve as nitrogen fixers. Rodents, then aerate the soil and improve its water-holding capacity Spiders, centipedes and insects grind organic matter from the surface soil and leave behind enri...

Aligning Profitability and Sustainability

In conclusion, Nike's challenge is to interlock profitability and sustainability as it strives to address global sourcing, competitive and environmental issues. To succeed, Nike should create a comprehensive strategy to implement sustainability practices internally while simultaneously forming alliances and partnerships with external stakeholders, including customers. By marrying innovation with '...

We have learned that ecosystems not unlike a woven sweater can begin

We have learned that ecosystems, not unlike a woven sweater, can begin to unravel when a single thread is pulled out, states James J. Tutchton in an article about the importance of the Endangered Species Act. The Endangered Species Act (ESA) is a law enacted in 1973 to help stop endangered species of plants and animals from reaching extinction (Easton 81). A topic of controversy today is whether t...

Assessment of Chemical properties of soils from Different ecosystems located in HyderabadPraveen

Assessment of Chemical properties of soils from Different ecosystems located in HyderabadPraveen Kumar.Y1*, Rajakumar.R1, Sunil Kumar.M21Research Department of Biotechnology, Marudupandiyar College, Thanjavur-6134032Department of Microbiology, ERF Labs, Hyderabad.Abstract:Nutrients present in the soil are most important elements required for the soil fertility and plant growth. These nutrients req...

The significance of the Wolf

Through the past, present and future the significance of wolves has always been important because of their roles within nature and what they do for the environment and ecosystem. They play vital roles as predators that keep animals within a food chain at a number that works for the environment and ecosystem, for if they were to be removed then the environment and ecosystem would become discombobul...


Ecosystem survival relies on the ?ow resource from the sun and the evolution respects the renewal rate of the ecosystem. Further, as evolution happens through the gene as the information storage medium, the information moves through reproduction. This is of course in stark contrast when compared with the cultural evolution, or its subset the ecological revolution. In cultural and ecological evolut...

The ecological aspects In The Old Man and the Sea

With all his knowledge about ocean and marine life, Santiago shows some reluctance in his approach to fish the giant marlin. He regrets for not having the boy with him to manage the huge one. His regret not only stops with Manolin, but also proceeds to a number of things such as salt, lime, weapon, fishing line, stone for sharpening the weapon, radio, for having gone so far into the sea, etc., whi...


Elephants are not the only animals at risk. There are well over 16,000 species at risk of becoming extinct. (Endangered Species International , 2011) This proposal then should really be acknowledged on a larger scale. Other community populations are at risk and should be protected as well. Our actions have far reaching consequences. It's time we examine those actions and work toward making changes...

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