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Economies Of The Middle East.

According to the CIA world Fact Book Bahrain is located in the Middle East on the eastern side of Saudi Arabia. Bahrain’s climate is arid though characterized by hot and humid summers while the winters are pleasant. (CIA,2008). According to the Council for International Exchange of Scholars, Bahrain is an archipelago which is comprised of… View Article

The New Economy

Economies, like living organisms, always evolve in response to challenges and opportunities. The changes can be dramatic. Only 10 years ago, Japan was triumphant and the U. S. was struggling with slow growth and a hobbled banking system. But today’s statistics tell a very different story. By virtually every measure, the 1990s have turned out… View Article

Shopping Mall and Theater Concession Sales

1. Scale Economies and Diseconomies at McDonalds: How does having a menu that is uniform around the country provide McDonald’s with economies of scale? How is menu planning made more complex by expanding into other countries? McDonalds menu is economy to scale because when they order their product, they can order in bulk to lesion… View Article

Agriculture importance

Those of us who preach the gospel of agriculture with evangelical zeal find the text compelling and convincing. We are regularly possessed by the spirit only to look around and see out colleagues, in other sectors, in country management, or even our senior management doubting, yawning or subtly edging towards the door. We face the… View Article