Economics Essay Topics

The Heckscher-Ohlin

The Heckscher-Ohlin theorem of international trade argues that a capital abundant country is supposed to export those goods that are capital intensive while a country that is labor abundant is expected to export goods that are labor intensive, while David Ricardo argued that there should be free trade among countries and also there should be… View Article

SWOT Analysis of Regis Corporation

Section I – Organizational History Regis Corporation, a Fortune 1000 company, specializes in beauty salons, hair restoration centers, and cosmetology education. The Company owns, franchises, or holds ownership interests in approximately 12,700 worldwide locations (Regis Corporation, 2009). Regis’ corporate and franchise locations operate under concepts such as Supercuts, Sassoon Salon, Regis Salons, MasterCuts, SmartStyle and… View Article

The Most Popular Trend in International Economics

Indeed, globalization is the most popular trend in international economics. Increasing integration of world markets and exchanges of information and technology are definitely expected to help the developing world. Thus, the thesis of Bhagwati’s book, In Defense of Globalization, must be agreed with. After all, foreign direct investments are an extraordinary boost for the economies… View Article

Competitive Advantage theory

The last decades there is a brand new term going around in the world of business. Its name is Competitive Advantage. As various extremely important executives claim this factor can be the missing key, which will lead eventually a company to success. Allow me to give a first description of what I have understood, so… View Article

Collaborative Fund-Raising Activit

The Phoenix Homeless Agency (PHA) needs to increase funding to continue funding job counseling to qualifying recipients. While they regularly access traditional contracts and grants, the economy has increased the need for services immensely and required them to look for other sources. The Executive Director and Board of Directors have begun their search by using… View Article

Global Economics Stakeholders

Any business organization has to be competitive in the business sector so as to keep in line with other competitors, or else getting competitive advantage over the other competitors might not be easy. The business organization has to therefore satisfy all its stakeholders and be in a better business position. The organization has got to… View Article

Users Who Will Benefit from Financial Statements

The users of Financial Statements need them in order to satisfy some of their different needs for information. The following are the users and the ways in which they use this information in their decision making. Investors They are the providers of Capital for the entity. They require information in order to determine whether they… View Article

The Feed Resource Recovery

The Feed Resource Recovery concept is simple; to provide supermarket and restaurants with an onsite waste processing system that converts previously discarded food waste into a source of renewable energy and organic fertilizer. Having a great idea is just the beginning, to take this to the market they will have many issues to overcome. Opportunities… View Article

The Invisible Hand Theory

“The Enquiry to the Nature and Cause of wealth and Nation” by Adam Smith is one of the well-known influenced books in the economy. As express on the title of the book, it shows Adam great interest on wealth condition of a nation. He doesn’t locate the wealth on natural resources and climates but in… View Article

The Advantage of Flexible Exchange Rates

Under flexible exchange rate system, a country is free to adopt an independent policy to conduct properly the domestic economic affairs. The monetary policy of a country is not limited or affected by the economic conditions of other countries. Solutions to Balance of Payment Problems: The system of flexible exchange rates automatically removes the disequilibrium… View Article

Pareto Principle

The term “Pareto principle” can also refer to Pareto efficiency. The Pareto principle (also known as the 80–20 rule, the law of the vital few, and the principle of factor sparsity) states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. Business? management consultant Joseph M. Juran suggested the… View Article


Section One: 1. What is, “Utilitarianism” and why is it important to the study of businessgovernment relations? Utilitarianism is a usually described as the greatest happiness for the greatest number. It reflects the action that produces the most happiness for people; meaning that an action is good if it produces a higher ultility of happiness…. View Article

Pest: Investment and Insurance Industry

PEST analysis (Political, Economic, Social and Technological analysis) describes a framework of macro-environmental factors used in the environmental scanning component of strategic management. Insurance is one of the service factor that are expected to continue to drive growth in the economy. Thus the insurance sector play important role in supporting economic ,social and technology development…. View Article

Rational Choice Theory

“Man is a rational animal who always loses his temper when he is called upon to act in accordance with the dictates of reason. ” As seen from Oscar Wilde’s famous quote, rationality is one of the most crucial and controversial subjects in studying human behavior. To study and examine this rationality, numerous scholars have… View Article

Location Decisions

Deciding on the best location for a new business or relocating an existing one is often crucial to its success. Location decisions choosing new sites for expansion or relocation of the business are some of the most important decisions made by management teams. Selecting the best site will have a significant effect on many departments… View Article

Motivation Letter

Economics, as a field, had always fascinated me right from my school days. As I grew up, I gradually came to appreciate the importance of economics in the modern world. In the university, I was fortunate to have been exposed to many interesting and challenging fields. However, I ultimately chose to major in Accounting, which… View Article

Problem in Rising Price of Commodity in World

India is faced today with one of the most critical economic situations. At no other time did Indians witness the horrible phenomenon of spiraling prices as they do today, prices are soaring like rackets and each day one finds a rise in prices of more or less all essential commodities. Inflationary pressures are doing plenty… View Article

How Do Economic Incentives Affect Social Preferences and Behavior

For decades economic theories have relied heavily on the effectiveness of material incentives (Fehr & Gachter, 2001). According to the traditional exchange theory all people are exclusively motivated by their own material self-interest. It predicts that the introduction of a penalty will reduce the occurrence of the behavior that is subject to the fine. On… View Article

Personal Statement For University

My intended major is Economics. My main interest in Economics lies in the field of macroeconomics and the principles that are involved. Macroeconomics has a way of showing how different policies are intertwined; such has policies in Healthcare regarding retirement benefits to how the world’s interest rate plays a role in our daily banking activities…. View Article

Freakonomics position paper

Freakonomics is an “alternative” look at debunking some of the established wisdom as far as our ideas about life in general and economics in particular go. It is an irreverent and funny book about some of the truths that we take to be self-evident. It is one of the books in the new genre of… View Article

International Business Finance

1.Introduction This report is specific for JKX Oil & Gas. She is a petroleum company focusing on exploration and production in countries of the ex Soviet Union and the Ukraine. Her management is considering weather following her competitor expansion into Far East and Oceania. In this report I am going to show analysis in two… View Article

CEO of Ventura Electronics

Financial statement analysis is done by every successful corporation, as your team at Ventura Electronics very well knows. “Comparisons within a company are often useful to detect changes in financial relationships and significant trends” (Kimmel, Weygandt, and Keiso p. 653). Financial statement analysis is done by horizontal analysis, vertical analysis, and ratio analysis. “Horizontal analysis,… View Article

China Economy

The rapid rise of China as a major economic power within a time span of about three decades is often described by analysts as one of the greatest economic success stories in modern times. From 1979 (when economic reforms began) to 2011, China’s real gross domestic product (GDP) grew at an average annual rate of… View Article

How does a government budget deficit affect the economy

Identify two periods in recent history in which the United States has run budget deficits. What were the reasons for the deficits during those time periods? A government budget deficit occurs when the governments expenses exceeds its revenues. Because of this spending the government has to find alternatives to finance this added expense through borrowing…. View Article

Assignment on the Contribution of Charles Babbage, Adam Smith and Robert Owen in the Field of Management

Contribution of Charles Babbage in the field of Management Charles Babbage (1792–1871) is known as the patron saint of operations research and management science. Babbage’s scientific inventions included a mechanical calculator (his “difference engine”), a versatile computer (his “analytical engine”), and a punch-card machine. Babbage’s most successful book, On the Economy of Machinery and Manufacturers,… View Article

Cyprus Financial Crisis

I. Introduction With a population of only 1 million and no more than half a percent of Euro zone economy, it is surprising to find out that the financial crisis in a tiny country called “Cyprus” has enormous global implications (Long 2013). It cannot be also denied that the “Subprime Mortgage Crisis” of the US… View Article

External Factors

External factors are a number of influencing factors which are not controlled by the company but will impact pricing decisions. It includes of legal, consumer trends, technological, and competitors. Our company focuses on technological and competitor as external factors that influencing price setting on matcha collagen biscuits. Competition factors can look into three areas which… View Article

Public Sector Economics

In describing the economic advantages and disadvantages of the proposed tax policy change the advantage is that revenues increase substantially from $9,134 billion to $184,807 billion. From a macroeconomic viewpoint, the more money in circulation, the more money the firms will receive. With a greater amount of funds in circulation the more that workers will… View Article

Indian Economy: Adopting New Approach

After independence, India chartered a path of economic development based on mixed economy, building a new industrial structure around the public sector and a closely monitored, regulated and controlled system where government played the role of licenser in the process of building industry. There were few hiccups in between. In the late 70s Mrs. Indira… View Article

International Business

1. Summarize the globalization debate. What are the major interest groups in the world economy? How are they affected by different elements of globalization? 2. Who benefits and who loses from a shift in jobs to low-wage economies? Consider this question from the perspective of consumers, labour, technological change, firms, nation-states. Are the net benefits… View Article