Economics Essay Topics

Inflation Impact on Economy

Inflation means a rise in prices of goods and services in an economy over a period of time. Inflation is caused by some demand side factors (Increase in money supply, Increase in income, Black money spending, Expansion of the Private Sector, Increasing Public Expenditures) and some Supply side factors (Shortage of factors of production, Industrial… View Article

International business management

1. Regional integration Regional integration is a process in which states enter into a regional agreement in order to enhance regional cooperation through regional institutions and rules. The objectives of the agreement could range from economic to political to environmental, although it has typically taken the form of a political economy initiative where commercial interests… View Article

Analysis of the BRICs economy

a) Map the likely evolution of the BRICs. What indicators might companies monitor to guide their investments and actions? Answer: The BRICS are distinguished by their large, fast-growing economies and significant influence on regional and global affairs. As of 2013, the five BRICS countries represent almost 3 billion people, with a combined nominal GDP of… View Article

Arecanut and Cocoa Production and Marketing Aspects

Arecanut is an important commercial crop in India which plays a prominent role in the religious, social and cultural functions and economic life of people in India. The present production of arecanut in the world is about 0.854 million tons from an area of 0.702 million hectares. India ranks first in both area and production… View Article

Pest Analysis

3. (a) Training program Companies who work hard to meet the needs of their employees can cultivate a work atmosphere conducive to productivity. Being able to plan for the needs of employees by thinking ahead can help to improve the rate of skilled employees who chose to remain working for a company. Improving the employee retention… View Article

Challange Faced by University Students

Education is the most important aspect of learning for every generation established in every mode. In university there are different field of studies with different years of each program. It is obvious that new students are going to face further challenges in university. In this case, these challenges could be the burden which can pull… View Article


The author makes a point that the corporations should look to the city of Helios for new business opportunities or a new location. Author makes this point on the evidence that the unemployment in the city has been lower when compared to the regional average and that it has historically provided more manufacturing jobs than… View Article

Commanding Heights

In the first episode of Commanding Heights, it begins by showing the world with a global economy that is tremendously suffering by the World War 1 events. After World War I, two extremely cerebral economists tried to solve the world’s economic troubles, John Meynard Keynes and Friederich Hayek. Keynes had the belief that a government… View Article

Managerial Economics

Economics can be divided into two broad categories: microeconomics and macroeconomics. Macroeconomics is the study of the economic system as a whole. It includes techniques for analysing changes in total output, total employment, the consumer price index, the unemployment rate, and exports and imports. Macroeconomics addresses questions about the effect of changes in investment, government… View Article

Character, Nature, Spatial Distribution of World Cities

The nature character and spatial distribution of world cities: Increasing globalisation has had major impacts on the world urban system. As a result a group of cities has emerged as key nodes in the organisation and functioning of the world, known as World Cities. World cities, such as London and New York are a product… View Article

Why the World Should Be Living Smaller

Why the world should not be living smaller. With an ever-changing world, we cannot afford to be living smaller for the sake of others, let alone ourselves. Our economy is already unstable as it is. If people decide to live smaller, the rotation of money will slow down, only aiding the cease of the economy…. View Article

Difference Between Monopoly Pricing and Competitive Pricing

Congress is discussing the possibility of removing patent protection for life saving drugs in order to reduce the cost of the Medicare and Medicaid systems. Discuss both the short-run and long-run implications for the economic situation of the drug industry. Include in your answer the impact on prices, new development, etc. of drugs. Include appropriate… View Article

Caledonia Products

There are a lot of factors that Caledonia must consider when they are thinking about buying versus leasing a property. Leasing brings many positive savings in a company; there are many incidentals that may come up while owning a property, such as the unexpected repairs. Leasing can help with long term savings for a company;… View Article

Business Economic – Macroeconomic

Question 10: a) Which of the following are final goods and services and which are intermediate goods and services? Please explain why in your answer. i) A windscreen purchased by a motor vehicle spare parts supplier; Intermediate goods – by national accounts (GDP) windscreen primary production value has already been accounted. It is being resold… View Article

Business, a Practical Introduction

1. Scarcity increases the demand for a product, and increases the price that consumers are willing to pay for it. Scarcity of an item allows a seller to raise prices, while a surplus of an item means prices will decrease. 2. Macroeconomists would be concerned with issues such as job growth and unemployment, growth in… View Article

Japan – United Arab Emirates Economic system

The economy of a country is hugely pegged on Energy and Agriculture among other facets that characterize the growth of an economy. Energy is the dynamic indicator of the developmental level of countries. Eastern Asian countries are currently at acceleration in economic growth. Energy has been a key factor especially on the issue of renewable… View Article

What Extent Should Government Intervene in the Economy

An economic system is an organized approach to producing and distributing goods and services. It is an organize way to answer the three economic questions of what, how and to whom to produce. Although every country must have an economic system to answer these three economic questions, their method of producing and distributing largely depends… View Article

Key Sectors of Economic Growth in Kenya

Economic growth is the increase in the amount of the goods and services produced by an economy over time. It is conventionally measured as the percent rate of increase in real gross domestic product i.e. real GDP. In Kenya the key main sectors to achieve economic growth are agriculture which is the mainstay economic growth… View Article

Economic Liberalism

Economic liberalism was the prevailing economic philosophy in much of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and the U. S. economy developed within its framework. Economic liberalism promoted freedom of action for die indivi¬dual and the firm through the doctrines of free trade, self-interest, private prop¬erty and competition. According to this philosophy, individuals were free… View Article

Absolute and Comparative Advantage

An individual, a firm, a region, or a county may develop an area of specialization naturally, but frequently choices must be made to determine what to produce for exchange or trade. Producers should concentrate on the activity in which the)- have an absolute advantage. An absolute advantage is the ability to product a good or… View Article

Economic Growth and Development

During the beginning of the evolution of economics of development, no distinction was drawn between the economic growth and economic development. During the seventies, the economists thought of distinguishing the economic growth and economic development. When it comes to economic development, there are two different views. The traditional view has been to interpret it in… View Article

Relationship between productivity and the cost of production

What is the relationship between productivity and the cost of production? The relationship between productivity and the cost of production is your cost per day or per hour compared to your productivity. By examine these two things together. The productivity which is your output for the amount of hours worked compared to the total cost… View Article

Sara Lee Corporation

The five competitive forces for Sara Lee Corporation have overall caused an increase in competition. The threat of substitute products and buyer bargaining power are both a result in this increase. Sara Lee negotiates with the buyers so that their products are able to get more shelf space in the supermarkets. The five most important… View Article

Differentiating Between Market Structures

Using the virtual organization of Kudler Fine Foods, evaluations will be made to determine market structure and competitiveness. Kudler Fine Foods current strategic plan for 2003, marketing overview, and market surveys will provide information to evaluate how Kudler competes in its market and where its strengths and weaknesses are located. Based on the evaluation of… View Article

Ge Pestel Analysis

Politics highlight the role of nation governments, as the large global company, the firm has to deal with national political systems differently. The difficulties to negotiate with government conditions including tax systems, regulations and restriction which the firm has to adjust the service conditions and product requirements to get into the nation markets. These will… View Article

Ge: Five Force Analysis of Case Study

The threat of new entry of the firm is somewhat small because the firm is the large company with long and specialized experience. It is difficulty for new entry to complete with existing products and services which need a large amount of investment and cost in order to run the business and develop the products… View Article

Case Write-Up: Galanz

This case shares with us about the story of Galanz Enterprises Group Co. Ltd. (Galanz) had transformed itself from a manufacturer of down feather products into a world class manufacturer of microwave ovens producing more than 50 per cent of the global output in 2007. This case describes the competitive and operational strategies that Galanz… View Article


Chapter 18 p534 1.What is the key assumption of the basic Keynesian model? Explain why this assumption is needed if one is to accept the view that aggregate spending is a driving force behind short-term economic fluctuations. The Keynesian model shows how fluctuations in planned aggregate expenditure can cause actual output to differ from potential… View Article

Sustainability Strategies Used in Woolworths

To analysis the environmental sustainability we must first understand the concept of Sustainability to help us preform a successful environmental analyses and define the key problem of Woolworths sustainability and recommend correct and fast result solutions so the Sustainability is a strategic plan that help’s companies to develop their economic growth over the long term… View Article

Adam Smith the Father of Modern Economics

The article, Adam Smith and the Invisible Hand by Helen Joyce, proved to be interesting reading. Although it was written about three years ago and the man himself lived more than 300 years ago, the man and his theories live on through the 21st century. Before I read the article, I had never heard of… View Article