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LIME. an acronym for ‘Landline. Internet. Mobile. Entertainment’ . is owned by the British based Cable & A ; Wireless Communications. The company formed from the integrated concerns of Cable & A ; Wireless in the Caribbean which adopted the LIME name on 3rd of November 2008. With people passing a batch of clip carry throughing undertakings and making researches. the cyberspace has becomevery of import to persons presents. Without the cyberspace some persons think that they can non last because of how it is used to supply a assortment of information and communicating installations in order to acquire the work done rapidly and/or enjoy one’s ego with household and friends.

Peoples are going really lazy and happen it hard to open a book to happen information. so alternatively they use the cyberspace to garner the information rapidly. Businesss besides use the cyberspace to make market researches and many other activities. The cyberspace has fundamentally any and every thing. More than 50 % of places in Jamaica has cyberspace and for those that can non afford the cyberspace.

the Government has provided installations to them. With people desiring to direct or have electronic mails. usage hunt engine to garner information. looking for avocation or involvement on the web. I have decided to make an investigationof the Internet Service industry within Jamaica with mention specifically to LIME.


I would wish to thank everyone who would hold contributed to the completion of this School-Based Assessment. First of all I would wish to thank God foremost for the chance to make such a undertaking and besides for the wisdom.

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strength and apprehension to finish this assignment. Other people who I would wish to thank are: My Economicss instructor for her changeless advices and willingness to assist. All those who answered the questionnaires distributed.

My household for assisting and back uping me during the executing of this undertaking.

Aims of research
The purposes of this probe are:

1. To set up the type of relationship there is between monetary value and measure demanded for cyberspace service at LIME. 2. To analyze of the chief factors impacting the demand of LIME and Flow 3. To analyze the monetary value snap of demand of internet service at LIME and Flow 4. To find whose internet service can chiefly be found in form 5 of the St. Martins secondary school. 5. To briefly examinethe market construction for internet service in Jamaica. 6. To briefly analyze the market conditions impacting the supply of cyberspace service at LIME and Flow in Jamaica.

Methodology: The SBA was conducted in my community.
Primary Beginnings:

1. Questionnaire: Twenty questionnaires were shared out to pupils in signifier 5 of the St. Martin’s secondary school. 2. Interview: The directors of LIME and Karib Cable were interviewed to obtain information such as how they attract clients to their concern.

Secondary Beginnings:

1. Textbooks: Economicss text editions were used to hold a clear apprehension of the Laws of Demand and Supply. 2. Internet: The web sites listed in the bibliography were used to further clear up economic constructs to heighten the school-based appraisal.

20 questionnaires were given to the pupils of signifier 5 in the Community of. Two interviews were conducted with the directors of LIME and Flow mercantile establishments inOchi Rio de Janeiros. The internet service industry in Jamaica is one of an Oligopoly market construction. Therefore. there are merely a few big houses. Homogeneous or differentiated merchandises. imperfect cognition of the market. they are monetary value shapers with monetary value rigidness and besides have many purchasers. As such. there are small competition degrees which ideally lead to the manufacturers satisfaction and public assistance.

After the informations were collected from the questionnaire. I discovered that all the participants were between the ages of 16-17. The survey as shown that LIME’s cyberspace service was the most demanded cyberspace service in Guys hill. Question 1 ) 10 of the pupils who were given questionnaires had entree to the cyberspace at their places. This may due to the dependence to societal networking or the demand of holding the cyberspace to garner information. Since the cyberspace is the quickest manner of garnering information and pass oning with others the demand for cyberspace would be high.

Question 2: In inquiry ( 2 ) 60 % of the pupils said that they have LIME’s cyberspace service while 40 % have Flow cyberspace service. The fact that more pupils preferable LIME’s cyberspace service shows that some method of pulling clients that Flow is missing. Based on the supply information gained from the interviews. these methods include the sponsoring of events and other methods. Effective usage of these methods can increase the demand for cyberspace. lower production cost. will ensue in a lessening cost monetary value and lead to an extension of demand. all of which increases a firm’s net incomes. Question 3: The inquiry “Who pays for the cyberspace you have entree to” was asked in inquiry 3. Majority ( 80 % ) of the pupils said that they parents wages for the cyberspace while the other 20 % said that their grandparents pays for the cyberspace. This shows that even pupils may hold the desire and the willingness to pay for the cyberspace service ; they are non backed by the ability to pay for it.

Question 4: All ( 20 ) of the pupils said that the individual who pays for the cyberspace at their place presently has a occupation. This shows that individuals who have occupations are the 1s who have ability to pay for internet service at their places. Question 5: In relation to oppugn 5 responses. 16 of the individuals who pay for the cyberspace are full-time employees while the other 4 are parttime. The 16 full-time employees who might be eligible for benefitshave LIME’s cyberspace service and this might be so possibly because of personal penchant and desiring top quality service. Question 6: 16 pupils said that the individual who pays for their internet occupational categorization is white neckband while the other 4 said its bluish neckband. The 4 bluish collar workers internet service supplier is Flow. which shows that people who receive less income prefers Karib Cables cyberspace service possibly because of the monetary value of the service.

Question 7: In relation to inquiry 8. 18 of the pupils use the cyberspace largely for societal networking while the other 2 utilizations it for information. Sites like facebook and chirrup are societal networking sites that enable users to pass on with each other by posting information. remarks. messages. images. ECT and these sites have become the most popular web site on the cyberspace. So therefore pupils may hold a deep desire to hold internet service to utilize these sites. Question 8: Harmonizing to inquiry 7 90 % of the pupils use the cyberspace on a day-to-day footing. Based on the questionnaire this is due to addiction to societal networking by these pupils. The other 10 % uses it hebdomadal and this is due to the demand of garnering information.

Question 9: In inquiry 9 the inquiry was asked “What is the chief factor of taking your cyberspace service supplier? ” Many factors affect the demand for a specific cyberspace service such as penchant. monetary value of the cyberspace and advertizement. 60 % of the pupils said that it’s because of penchant while the other 40 % said that it’s because of monetary value of the cyberspace service. This may be so because people may hold a greater liking for a certain cyberspace service because of its dependability. No onewants to be sing troubles with the cyberspace while surfing. Question 10: 8 individuals said that they pay a monetary value scope of $ 800- $ 1000 while12 individuals said that they pay from $ 1300- $ 1500

Harmonizing to the information on the questionnaires the 12 individuals who pays at the monetary value scope of $ 1300- $ 1500 cyberspace service supplier is Lime. which shows that flows rates are a small cheaper than LIME’s rates. Question 11: All of the pupils internet velocity is 1 M per sec. Although LIME and flux provides 4mbps. which is a batch faster than 1mbps shows that people merely have the ability to pay for 1mbps a month. Question 12: Harmonizing to inquiry 12. 60 % of these pupils don’t see any jobs at times. while the other 40 % experiences jobs.

The 60 % of pupils who don’t see any jobs internet service supplier is LIME. This means that even though LIME’s rates are a little more expensive. they provide better service than Flow and that is why LIME attracts more clients to their services. The fact that LIME’s cyberspace service is more expensive may due to the cost of production. Question 13: 6 of the pupils who experience jobs said that they experience slow cyberspace at times. while the other 2 pupils said that at times they don’t have internet at times.

Question 14: In relation to oppugn 14 these jobs were experienced daily by 25 % of these pupil. 25 % hebdomadal and 50 % of the pupils who experience jobs experiences monthly.

Question 15: The inquiry “If the monetary value for your cyberspace was $ 1000 a month for 1MBPS ( Mega Bytes per Second ) . you would buy “20 % of the pupils said that they would buy 2mbps at $ 1500 per month. This shows that individuals have the desire and willingness to buy 2mbps but they don’t have the ability to make so.

Question 16: 50 % of the pupils showed willingness to buy 2mbps at $ 1500 per month. As monetary value additions from $ 1500 to $ 2000 for 2mbps. the measure demanded decreased therefore. the jurisprudence of demand bases ( as monetary values addition. demand decreases ) . The P. E. D was calculated as -0. 15. indicating monetary value inelasticity. As the monetary value additions from $ 1500to $ 2000. demand besides decreases and the Law of demand is besides obeyed. The P. E. D. in this instance was -0. 3. therefore bespeaking in another monetary value inelasticity.

1. There is a negative relationship between the monetary values of cyberspace service and the measure demanded. This merely means as monetary value additions. measure demanded lessenings and as monetary value lessenings. the measure demanded additions.

2. The chief factor impacting for cyberspace service is one’s penchant.

3. Internet service is monetary value inelastic. therefore the measure demanded is unresponsive to alterations in monetary value.

4. The being of foreign houses ( LIME ) in the local economic system can make good competition and consequence in higher consumer satisfaction.


Both LIME and Flow can endeavour into bettering in the undermentioned countries if they haven’t already done so in order to hike gross revenues and have a better competitory stance:

Flow should utilize suggestion boxes to acquire feedback from clients about jobs they face.

Increase advertisement to do the clients to hold a greater wishing for their cyberspace service since penchant is the factor impacting demand.

The authorities should open up the market for internet service farther. This would add to competition. Competition would take down monetary values and besides maintain money in the state since LIME is owned by the British base money is most probably exported out of the state.

Sponsor more events that are taken topographic point in the state.

Sell 2MBPS at cheaper rates since more people are demanding 2MBPS.


In this probe between LIME and Flow. I have come to recognize the major function that economic sciences dramas in the operation of a concern. It was deduced that LIME is a better cyberspace service supplier than Flow since bigger consumer market and their clients see no jobs.


Web sites:
hypertext transfer protocol: //www. time4lime. com/vc/internet. jsp
hypertext transfer protocol: //www. Flow. com

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