Economics of computing Essay

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Economics of computing


In the study of Lucy A. Tedd (1991-2000), it describes how the changing economics of computing resulted in staff at Reading University Library wishing to move away from a system shared between various libraries to an integrated library management system under local control. According to Robson (2001), usability is a key requirement for users, says Elisabeth Robson, Product manager for Online Computer Library Center. The catalogue has become a way to pull together different resources, including commercial resources and web links. Management systems also tolerate circulation, as well as check in/check out and enable libraries to acquire materials and track where they are.


As said by Lou (1986), a review on the computer application in 223 libraries in Metro Manila. The study revealed that they prioritize the three library functions to be computerized as cataloging, indexing, and circulation. Though, the plans for automation for the libraries cannot be implemented due to financial failure of the libraries, and the need of funds from the government. Regardless of this negative aspect, the libraries are not turning their backs unto the automation of their libraries.

According to Agena (2008) made a study about the collection usage of the students of the Jose Rizal University in a period of three years using the quantitative and qualitative approach. The goal of the study is to assess the usefulness of the faculty of students to their library and it been revealed that it is generally important for them to go to the library for their academic needs.

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