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Economics of Broiler

The expenses incurred in the project were of two category and they are variable costs and the fixed costs. The fixed costs is the costs incurred on fixed assets that remained relatively unchanged, I. E. They are those cost component that cannot be used up in a single production cycle. The most common fixed costs incurred in the project are the costs of building and equipments. The variable or operating expenses are those costs incurred from the use of variable assets I.

E. Those farm inputs that can only be used in a single production cycle.

Examples include: day old chicks, feeds, water, drugs, litter, etc. . In estimating the costs of fixed assets, a straight line depreciation method was seed and the following assumptions were made: * The life expectancy of the farm building was assumed to be 30 years, weighing balance 1 5 years while feeders, Economics of Broiler By Slinging assumed to last for up to 10 years. 2. Cost of the building was not considered as all effort to get the required information from the estate management proved abortive.

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. Salaries and wages for labor were not accounted for. 4. The depreciation applied to fixed inputs was estimated for a year as against a production cycle, with the assumption that there are three terms in a school calendar ear and hence three separate batches of broiler production is expected. ECONOMIC Broiler production is the fastest means of meat production. Depending on the management practices, feed quality and source of day old chicks used, the production cycle could take 8-10 weeks.

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From the result obtained from this analysis, it can be concluded that the cost of production exceeded the revenue generated and this can be attributed to the fact that the main objective of the project is for educational purpose hence, all the management from day old to market weight were done by the students. Even with this, the students should be commended for attaining 78. 8% (197 out of 250) in their first attempt. The project will be profitable if it can embark upon for at least 3 to 4 times in a year. Based on a critical analysis of the project, the following recommendations were made: 1.

For maximum productivity, incomes can be generated through the sales of empty feed bags and manure. This would add substantially to the revenue. 2. To have a quick turn over, it is advisable that the project be carried out for at least 3 to 4 times in a year. This would to a large extent help generate more income while at the same time helping the students improve immeasurably. 3. Similar project should be embarked upon in other ARC so that knowledge can be properly diffused among the intended beneficiaries. . Leaded Luggage Decayed 2. Haring Salsas Abdullah’ 3. Clenching NNE Comfort

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