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Economics and Scholarship Essay

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Through my whole life, I had dreamt of helping people especially those who deserve justice. For this reason, my goal is to graduate from university and become a lawyer. Therefore, I need to find resources that could help me to achieve my goals. There are many ways in which this scholarship will facilitates me. First of all, this scholarship will make it easier for me to function well in my education goals. It gives me an opportunity to further my education at University of Malaya in the field of Law.

The scholarship would also provide me with a wealth of chances to take on extra-curricular activities and broaden my experiences to achieve my goals. In particular, it would enable me to be involved in community projects and eventually develop a stronger sense of civic responsibility, teamwork and leadership. Hence, this scholarship would ultimately enable me to apply such skills and experience to my on-going studies and make a positive contribution within the university and wider community. In addition, this scholarship would ensure that my studies are not burdened by financial constraints.

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In my case, although my father works as government servant, he has to support a family of six. He has to bear my brothers’ school expenses. Moreover, my sister and I are currently pursuing higher education which requires high expenditure. Therefore, a scholarship is vital to alleviate my father’s burden and ease the financial problem in my family. Hence, I would be able to concentrate effectively on completing my studies, not only economically, but also for my personal and professional enrichment.

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Furthermore, a scholarship recipient is an important achievement that will raise my credentials to obtain a meaningful employment. Besides, it also acts as a useful vehicle to meet variety of people who can assist me in achieving my goals. This opportunity would further build up and improve my confidence and communication skills, an ability necessary to broaden my development as a scholar and an individual. In conclusion, I would greatly appreciate if you would consider me for this scholarship. I certainly believe that this scholarship can make a remarkable contribution to my education in the near future.

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