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The marginal analysis

Paper type: Analysis
Pages: 5 (1218 words)
Categories: Health, Health Care, Management
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Connection between rise in flu and need for medical care

The most pressing issue in Baptist memorial hospital is about how to curb flu disease that is affecting population in US. This is because as people increase the need for health care also changes in other words when population increases then many diseases increase meaning that there is need to have primary health care so that the population can be free from diseases and further infections.

There was an outbreak of flu in the country this meant that there was need to have many changes made in the hospitals in provision of facilities for health care that could curb the flu problem. Flu is a disease that mainly has effects to young people and not more to adults as it is to children. With high flu infections the demand for medicines raises this will mean that people will be in need of treatment every time when their children are infected.

Therefore there is a direct connection between rise in flu and need for medical care. The supply of medicine will be high meaning that people will need assistance for flu medicines to be supplied in hospitals. In the supply and demand curve the indication is that as the demand rises for medicines supply will increase and the hospital will be at equilibrium in supply and demand of medicine. (Linda, 1998)

How to deal with out break of flu

The current issue in this hospital has been how to deal with out break of flu this means that they are supposed to make sure that medicine supply is equal to medicine demand this will mean that what they have to do will be to ensure that they provide facilities to all hospitals that will give assistance that is required for the affected patients. New vision for this hospital is required that will give a different culture as the old culture of hospital will not work in this time.

The hospital should be able to involve persons in designing the new system so that there can be economic incentives provided for the new vision. In other words the new vision should aim at giving people the best services that will lead to changes in their lives. Generally to be at equilibrium in provision of hospital facilities then the hospital should be in a position to ensure that people are provided with best services that will lead to good health care for all regardless of whether they are poor or rich so that the health care can be for every one in the nation.

A plan is very important

A plan is very important because it will guide hospital on how to tackle their problems which will lead to best services provided. Demand and supply curve are very important in any organization that has to work and give the best services to people this will mean that they are supposed to make sure they balance their services that are given to people and the working condition for workers should be best. (Donna, 2003) Marginal analysis In the marginal analysis of the hospital then it is how to provide the best services for their workers so that they can work to provide best services for people.

In this analysis there is need to have teams which will lead to safety of people in that the workers will be in a position to work for the betterment of hospital health facilities. There will be analysis of skills and competencies of health care workers which will mean that in this analysis the workers should be skilled so that they are provided with information that will best fit the patients in giving the right safety to affected person. There will be analysis different degrees of competences so that each patient has safety that is required.

Better working conditions for workers

In analysis they are supposed to ensure that what the patients get is the best in terms of medicine and other facilities that will be required by patients. In this I mean that with better working conditions for workers then they will be able to provide patients with care that is best and lead to health lives. This will mean that workers will be taught to practice safety behaviors and techniques so that there can be reduction in errors that can harm patients most of the things that can be done will be through the promotion of communication that will assist team members to bring safety to patients.

Workers will be guided to take safe actions that will not harm the patients as in taking unsafe actions then it is likely that many patients will be affected leading to more harm and loss of lives. The technology that is to be used by workers should be put in consideration this is because patient safety is very important as it leads to ensuring that what they receive as patients is proper and will not harm them in their lives. (David, 2001) In this analysis what I mean is that workers should be able to analyze what is required mainly on side of health care for patients.

Marginal analysis

Marginal analysis is carried out so that the setting of the hospital can be maintained and this is focused on safety that is required by patients. In the marginal analysis of hospital there is need to measure net benefits this will mean that if the hospital will use new technology then it should be of benefit to workers and patients so that they do not have high costs of installing such technology without benefits in return. This will imply that benefits are important for hospital so that expansion can be high and lead to people safety and proper treatment.

Marginal analysis applies to technologies that will be used in hospital that will lead to provision of best services to people. In this I mean that with the guide of marginal analysis then this hospital will be able to know how to deal with changes that take place so that they can have changes that are best to people. (Alex, 2000) Supply and demand curves act as a guide to hospital in that they have to balance so that they can give the best to patients and still get benefits in return.

This will mean that if the demand is higher than supply then their will be problem in providing services and most of patients will not be catered for as required. The marginal analysis has part in that it assist the hospital in choosing technology that is effective so that the patients are not affected in other words when services have to be given then safety is very important as it leads to many people been in a position to live and enjoy their proper health care that is provided.


Supply and demand curves are very important in dealing with current issues that take place in an organization like hospital this is because they act as the basis of how they have to work for better results to be achieved in the field of patient care and safety. The marginal analysis will give a guide to the hospital so that it can know whether it is operating for the betterment of public or for their own benefit.

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