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Economic Rationalism in the Reagan Era

Economic Rationalism

Economic rationalism is the idea that markets and money can do everything better then what the government and law can.

This also states that there is no point in political debate because it Just generates insoluble conflicts It tells people to forget their national identity, to caste away their national goals and public policy and Just let the market forces decide on the their own rational situation Economic rationalists will assert that by customers preferences dictating markets and markets dictating answers for the economic problem a solution will be made that is better for the well being of all involved then a solution by diktat.

First introduced in sass’s in times where the government was seen to have failed. It was eventually adopted by conservative party, which included Ronald Reagan. The Reagan Administration was a republican administration lead by Ronald Reagan from January 20 1981 – January 20 1989. The government introduced the largest across the board tax cuts in American history. (25% cut in federal personal tax) During Reggae’s reign, his presidency was marked by many scandals resulting in the investigation and conviction of 138 administration officials which was the largest number for any US president.

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The Iran-contra most well-known and politically damaging of the scandals came to light in November 1986, when Ronald Reagan conceded that the United States had sold weapons to the Islamic Republic of Iran. Being a product of the early Reagan-era, Blade Runner is inseparably linked not only to the prevalent world wide economic recession but also to the political circumstances of these times.

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While the city appears to be on the brink of total chaos and destruction, advertisements shine bright, symbolizing the invincibility of market forces.

This is where Blade Runner’s outlook on the future development obviously meets the era of Ronald Reagan. The growing influence of film and the media was employed by the government whose strategy proved to be very successful. Reagan made extensive use of the media to spread political images and to promote his campaigns. Blade Runner seems to contain a warning that there might be more to a picture than we see at first glance.

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