Economic And Industrial Center of India

Ahmedabad, the largest city in state of Gujarat and 5th largest city in India has achieved major progress since the 2000s. Often known as “Manchester of India” or “Textile Capital of India”, Ahmedabad since its inception has always kept on emerging as an important economic and industrial center in India with cotton and textile industry being prime source on revenue generation. Currently, Ahmedabad is the second largest producer of cotton and has one of the oldest stock exchanges in India which makes the city one of the critical drivers in Gujarat’s economic development and hence India.

Due to such a significant economic and livelihood opportunities, an expansion to attract immigrants is resulting in greater urbanization which on one hand has lead to drastic improvement in infrastructure development and heavily.

Uplifting living standards but on other hand it has lead to haphazard sprawl growth, development of slums and traffic congestions, due to rural migration and semi urban accumulation onto the periphery of AUDA boundary which was designated to served as green belt for Ahmedabad city.

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These bottlenecks have in return lead to lots of societal challenges and has become a major topic of concern which has to be resolved for Ahmedabad city to align with Indian prime minister Narendra Modi’s ambitious plan of delivering 100 smart cities in India and keeping up the tag of “Jewel of Gujarat Model” which rose to fame internationally during Mr. Modi’s tenure of being Chief Minister of Gujarat (2001 – 2014).

Due to the location of urban sprawl at the boundary of the city, it has increased vehicular traffic resulting in a significant increase in air pollution.

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Due to this many urban areas, are facing consequences for the health of the public, and fatal environmental impacts. Also the case of water pollution takes place in sprawl due to the presence of slums, industries and factories which uses and dispenses a large amount of chemicals. On positive side, besides cotton and textile industry, due to this peripheral settlements, Ahmedabad has also seen the emergence of petrochemical and pharmaceutical companies, chemical and dying factories, automobile industries, agro and food processing industries.

Neighboring regions of Ahmedabad are emerging as automobile hub and is forecasted to be soon called as “Detroit of India” overtaking other automobile hubs like Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. These industries are located on periphery of the city, scattered across villages, and have lead to significant high demand for labour in these industries as a result they are attracting migrants from other states of India like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and West Bengal, which has been another issue on the rise as there has been ongoing tension and fights among locals and migrants.

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