Economic Essay Topics

Australian Economic Review

The calculation of poverty lines are published in the year 1987 and latest in the year 1996. (Australian Economic Review) Melbourne Institute analysis of poverty states that as per the year 2005, June first quarter, household disposable income per head stands at $477. 73 per week. View on Australia poverty states that there are 340,000… View Article

What if any are the economic duties of rich countries towards poor countries?

The problem of inequality is a global problem. The modern world has been clearly structured; there are rich countries and the poor ones. In modern political economy they are referred to as countries-donors and countries-recipients. These definitions reflect the relations between the poor countries and the rich ones. There are several aspects of relations between… View Article

High school statistics as a basis for increased beginner learning

Although not the primary focus of this study, it is important to understand the future of elementary students by looking into current graduates predicaments. Over the last twenty years, there have been dramatic increases in high school promotion; as well as, in graduation requirements. Most recently, states and districts, such as Mississippi, have begun implementing… View Article

Economic development

Smith (2002) follows the research structure in 1990 but narrows down the research range from country-level data to industry-level data. This paper provides further analysis from 1972 to 1992 at five-year intervals and focuses on three specific patent-sensitive industries – Biological products, Medicinal and Botanicals, and Pharmaceuticals. The results in the paper support the hypothesis… View Article

International organizations

Introduction. The World Bank has been at the forefront in eradicating poverty among nations as well as supporting or maintaining sustainable development. It has carried out numerous projects to this regard. Establishment of the projects effectiveness is however an important steps to monitor if the objectives of the plan are actually met. Monitoring the projects… View Article

Economical Analysis

In this section, an economical analysis will be carried out to compare the generation cost of electricity from two different sources. The generation cost of electricity ($/kWh) from PV system as well as gas turbine will be considered. The computation for cost of electricity – irrespective of the source – depends on several factors such… View Article

Issues facing women in prisons

The issues of women in prison are clouded with amazing stereotypes and silence. Women are the fastest growing sector of the prison population in the United States. Even more than men, most women are incarcerated for non-violent offenses. These women are often products of sexist and racist attitudes, and do not have marketable job skills…. View Article

Economic value

There are two economic concepts integrated in the industry of ecotourism: economic impact and economic value (Lindberg, Kreg, 1996). Economic impact, according to Lindberg, refers to the changes in the figures of sales, income and jobs that are generated or directly derived from the practice of ecotourism. Economic value on the other hand refers to… View Article

Economic control

Traditionally the reasons of the rules and regulations were to control human relations in an effort to make the behaviors of other individuals known (Pennell, pp3). rules are also employed to provide other purposes, these includes punishing offenders, providing social economic control, banishing private retribution, deterring criminal acts and reflecting public opinions (Pennell, pp3). Conventionally… View Article

Economic Community Assessment on West Hollywood California

West Hollywood is a city incorporated in the County of Los Angeles in California, U. S. The city was founded in 1984 and currently, it has a population of 37,000 but the figure swell at night and over the weekends or during major events such as Gay and Lesbian parades. The city is one of… View Article

The United Nations Economic

The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) was established in Shanghai China in 1947 as the Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East. (ECAFE), but to assist in the post war reconstruction period, it became the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific Region…. View Article

Economic and social conditions

If one is not historical, then it was unscientific. The historical process that had commenced for millennia in the development of societies was a product of scientific processes and vice versa. Friedrich Engels had greatly contributed to the exposition of historical dynamics. A history that was ever changing was always in constant contradiction with the… View Article

Economic Policies Of The Presidential Candidates

The presidential election is coming just in the time when America is in desperate need to get out of many crises. Some of the apparent crises are the health reform crisis, the credit crisis and the political crisis generated by the war. Considering this background environmental condition, the coming election might be one of the… View Article

Discussion Non Economic Development

* Why might a country in an early stage of economic and technical development want to limit importation of goods from more developed countries? They might want to sale the same products that these developed countries already have mastered and marketed well. It might be in there interest to enact protectionist legislation. They want to… View Article

Economic Impact of Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are catastrophes hauled by the nature on man. They may bring about large scale destruction depending on the type of natural disaster. Natural disasters include a range of hazards which may cause widespread devastation and human and animal casualties. They range from floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, cyclones, tornadoes, tsunamis, avalanches, volcanic eruptions, famine, heat… View Article

Economic growth

Economic growth refers to the increase in the levels of a country’s wealth and capital as a result of positive change in the levels of production of goods and services during a certain period of time. 1 Economic growth is usually ignited by technological advancements and positive external forces. Economic growth can be measured either… View Article

Economic Globalization

Economic globalisation is a concept that has become common in the recent times and it is popularity is growing overtime. It virtually implies the process by which two or more countries economically integrate with an aim of enabling a global marketplace or in other words creating a global single market (Fung, 2006, pp 1). The… View Article

Economic Factors

The GDP (Gross Domestic Product) or The Gross Domestic Income (GDI) is defined as the gross total market value of all the final . products (goods and services) produced by a country in a given period of time more specifically a calendar year. Gross Domestic Products can also be considered as the sum of all… View Article

Economic Development Record

Economies all around the globe develop over time depending on the policies that they undertake to utilise the resources within their boundaries. Nations that utilise their resources experience economic growth and there is great inflow and outflow of goods and services in those nations. Economic growth means that the nation is utilising its resources efficiently… View Article

Economic Cycle From 1984 To 1986

We can first define economic cycles as the reoccurrence of the expansion or contraction of a countries economy. We still have to look at the view of Wesley Mitchell who is the most famous in the research on economic cycles. He defined business cycle as; Business cycles are a type of fluctuation found in the… View Article

Economic Boom of the 1920s

Only those who know little or nothing about economics and the very naive did not know in the year 1925 that economic hard times follow good times as economic booms and slumps are cyclical. Still, there were various reasons why even seasoned economists may have speculated that economic prosperity of the 1920s would continue forevermore…. View Article

Economic And Social

In a century of modernisation, the memorable decades shoot the stars of one decade so bright and called the sixties. It was definitely unlike others. It screamed for its entity of liberty, knowledge, power, wealth, thrill, wanted to see a generation through Purple Haze. Taking communication beyond the realm of any hesitation with television and… View Article

Economic And Social Changes In Post 1960

This report is aimed at addressing recent economic events and economic reports. First is analysis of problems of unemployment rate, changes in general price level, total output of goods and services and the ways in which the government raises and spends money. Other areas to be reviewed include examining the relationships between economic variables such… View Article

Economic Analysis

The enthusiasm, as well as the anxieties that is generated by the working of the economy of the United States is not just US economy generates is not just obvious but also easy to understand. The United States, with a GDP of 13. 2 trillion USD, and a population of 300 million (with an average… View Article

Davos: the World Economic Forum

Davos is a town located on the Landwasser River, in the Swiss Alps, between the Plessur and Albula Range in Switzerland. At 1,560 meters, it is the highest city in Europe. From the middle of the 18th century, Davos became a popular destination for the ailing because the climate in the high valley was proved… View Article

Economic Development and Culture

According to Easterly (2001), attempted remedies to underdevelopment (like loans, FDI, population control) are generally determined by non-economic factors such as demographic variables, cultural characteristics, and political systems. In the following paragraph, Easterly demonstrated the devastating implication of a single path to economic development in many Third World countries. Now, the assumptions of both classical… View Article

Reaction Paper on Economic Forum on Philippine Governance

Our country has great potential for mining developments. It was also mentioned by Dr. Habito that mining has contributed significant economic growth for the country. I am working in a mineral exploration company, and I have witness the mining investments flourished when the government made structural changes to the mining laws. More mineral exploration companies… View Article

Political and Economic Environment Comparison

The political and economic environments between Costa Rica and Mexico have similarities as well as differences. There are strong values and ethical views from both cultures that need to be compared and respected before there is complete understanding. The ability to understand each culture’s description and detailed information will determine how both cultures are able… View Article

Economic philosophies

This paper will focus on the contributions of John Maynard Keynes and Milton Friedman to economic philosophies. Keynes is considered by many as the most famous and influential economist. Though having that veneration, a number of economists had been in opposition to the Keynesian school of thought. Among the forefront oppositions to the Keynesian economic… View Article