Ecommerce Essay Topics

Ecommerce Initiative

This paper focuses on pointing out the way planning electronic commerce initiatives. In order to support the ideas that are going to be shown, four online articles will be cited. The articles are: Ethics in advertising by Dr. Gomathi Viswanathan, Advertising Regulation – How to avoid inciting the FTC’s wrath by Jay N. Sawyer, and… View Article

Internet Business and Electronic Commerce

Answer – 1 The two industries chosen for the analysis on the layout, format, and contents of their websites are Online Shopping and Online Marketing Assistance websites. Starting from the first industry – Online Shopping – it includes several organizations that started the business of selling a wide range of products and services ‘online’. The… View Article

MMB Case Study for Ecommerce

1. The first 5 stages of customer loyalty: MMB’s customers are 80% repeat customers so it would make sense that most of the customers are at the commitment stage. They come back every year. I would say that %5 are in the separation stage because of losing interest in the activity, finding a different company,… View Article

Assignment on E- commerce

It is an enormous pleasure to submit my assignment titled “E-commerce System “in Bangladesh. A closer study assigned as a required of our course related. In preparing this assignment I have acquired much knowledge about “E-commerce system”. I have tried my best to furnish the assignment with relevant data. Which I had to collect from… View Article