Ecology Mock Experiment

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Ecology Mock Experiment

Due to their large size oak trees become shelters and nesting sites to very many wildlife species, so if one were to remove or decrease availability of these oak trees then one might expect the abundance of the animals that use oak trees as a home would decline as well. In this experiment, we will be testing whether or not the availability of oak trees in an environment will affect the distribution and abundance of robins.

The hypothesis of the experiment would be as follows: The population size of robins is restricted by the availability oak trees present. This hypothesis would then lead you to predict that by removing oak trees from an environment, the population size of robins would then decline.

In this experiment, both the control and the experimental groups will be tested in similar conditions which include temperature, geographic location, resources available, and species diversity and richness of the areas in which the experiments are taking place. The variable which will be tested is the presence of oak trees. Therefore, the experimental group will have the oak trees removed while, the control group will have the oak trees present. For the experiment, we will observe these groups on a weekly basis for two months.

If in the experimental group, the population of the robins were to show a decline while population of the control group would remain at a steady pace over the two month span then my hypothesis would be proven correct. But if results of the experiment were to show the population size of the experimental group have similar numbers with the control group or show the control group’s robin population decrease more than the experimental group then my hypothesis would be disproven.


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