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Essay on Ecology And Environment

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Chapter 54


Green Computing Technologies in Kenya

The way forward is to first focus on changing peoples’ opinions about green computing as a whole since a lot of the major adoption challenges are due to poor attitude and lack of information in general. It is only in this way that we can get people to see the importance of creating a self-sufficient country, and all the good it will do not only for the environment but for all citizens as well....

Endangered Species Should Be Prioritized

We should also use less pesticides on our plants. It is hazardous and it can affect the wildlife at many levels. We should report any shooting of animals to the authorities. Harassing wildlife is illegal. Conserving the habitats is one of the most important ways to protect plants and animals that are at risk of being extinct by protecting their habitats in national parks. However they cannot live ...

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Causes of the Dust Bowl

In conclusion, drought, climate misconceptions, poor land management, and wind erosion were the four main causes of the agricultural tragedy of the 1930's. These four factors came together at the beginning of the 1930's to create what is now known as the Dust Bowl which lasted until the end of the decade. Thankfully, an environmental crisis like this has never taken place again in the United State...

Oras Na GMA Environmental Documentary

Documentaries always give its audience a learning in the end, and this one, Oras Na, is saying the people should at least conserve water and energy, lessen the catching of fishes, and stop the cutting of trees. Since we are living in an urban and centralized place, which we are one lucky people, we are not yet experiencing this problems unlike the places featured on the documentary, so it is easy ...

Movie About Disaster in Bhopal

The third act- it tells us about the condition of the people, how they were cremated, and how Warren Anderson was arrested. This documentary has created a great impact on the people by showing the truth behind the accident and what the people of Bhopal went through. The only problem I found was that some scenes were really disturbing like the old man coughing out foam from his mouth. Such scenes ...

Manage physical resource

Make recommendations to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of resource use: l would recommend that staff are engaged at all levels regarding environmental sustainable resources and that they are empowered by making sure they have the knowledge and see environmental costs attached too work practices regarding resources. Also l will recommend that budgets be flexible when planning activities s...

Green Roof in Toronto

Many cities all over the world are providing incentives to builders to include green roofs in their building plans so that individuals as well as society at large can enjoy the benefits from its implementation. Even though the initial costs are high in comparison with the conventional roofs, once implemented it can provide long term cost benefits in energy costs alone leaving aside all other indir...

Carbon Emissions

The evidence suggests that economics-based emissions policies are preferred over policies based on fiat. Moreover, the strongest evidence for promoting investment in pollution control equipment and reducing emissions that mitigate the effects of climate change appear to involve cap-and-trade policies. Partially, this might be due to the flexible design of such policies which—through the auctioni...

Formation of Grand Canyon

Currently the rate of erosion has drastically reduced because the River is eating the harder schists and granites that are at the bottom of the canyon compared to the previous softer rocks (Mathew 66). Various factors have come together in creating this unique physical feature. Geologists and researches have analyzed the situation in Grand Canyon, and bring into focus the wide factors, which contr...

Nitrogen Ammonification

The residence time of reactive nitrogen in vegetation and soils can vary over a wide range of values, depending on vegetation and its age, affecting the permanence of the biospheric sink. None of these fluxes can be estimated precisely; the goal is to provide preliminary estimates of their relative role, which can indicate potential policy solutions to the global nitrogen problem. Ammonification d...

Greenwashing Case

Beder S, 2002, ‘Putting the Boot In’, The Ecologist, April, pp. 24-28. Berkeley Media Studies Group, 2008, ‘Food Marketers Greenwash Junk Food’, Adweek, March, pp.1-3 CorpWatch, 2001, ‘Greenwash Fact Sheet’, CorpWatch, pp.1-2 Solman G, 2008, ‘Coloring Public Opinion?’, Adweek. January.14, pp22-24 Stoner C, 2006, ‘Corporate Greenings: Nike’, Peakinsight, pp. 1-13 TerraChoice Env...

The Dust Bowl

Farmers were unable to earn back their production costs and expanded their fields in an effort to turn a profit -- they covered the prairie with wheat in place of the natural drought-resistant grasses and left any unused fields bare. But plow-based farming in this region cultivated an unexpected yield: the loss of fertile topsoil that literally blew away in the winds, leaving the land vulnerable t...

Advantages And Disadvantages of Electric Vehicles

Thus they use coal power plants for charging the EVs. It is an irony where electric cars, that is made for reduce the amount of gas emission and global warming, will end up making gas emissions from the power plant. "But you're just burning coal instead of gasoline in your electric car--so how's that any better? " In conclusion, using an electric vehicle can have advantages and disadvantages. Some...

Crutch Mentality

It is only going to cause a slippery slope as they have will have to pump in more funds and resources in order for their efforts to be effective in a country which isn’t theirs, while what’s left behind in their country will be decreasing. Overtime, the 1st world countries might face a shortage of resources. And once again likewise, the first world countries also have a responsibility to take ...

Travel Destination: Palawan Island

It is one of the world's premiere diving sites and is included in the United Nation's World Heritage List. The underground river of St. Paul Nationa Park, on the other hand, is marvel of stalagmite and stalactite formations. In addition to these unique natural sculptures, it has a lagoon with turquoise waters and schools of diverse fish species. The town of El Nido offers exotic cave formations th...

Urban Heat Island in Rural And Urban Areas

The tall buildings within many urban areas provide multiple surfaces for the reflection and absorption of sunlight, increasing the efficiency with which urban areas are heated. This is called the "urban canyon effect". Another effect of buildings is the blocking of wind, which also inhibits cooling by convection. Waste heat from automobiles, air conditioning, industry, and other sources also cont...

Human, Environment and Green Revolution

The Green Revolution has also made the rich farmers richer at the cost of the poor being poorer, since the costs of the new technologies are not easily accessible, but the yields that they provide take the small farmers out of business. In general, although certain governments sponsor the Green Revolution and make it seem positive, it has brought about large changes in the way humans interact with...

Go Green Speech Presentation

Ladies and gentlemen. The importance of saving our environment is the need for all of us, for human being to survive. It is not only for us, but also for our next generation. The disasters above can be minimized if all of human beings can preserve our environment and we must pay more attention to our environment whenever and wherever. By doing those simple efforts, it means we have participated in...

Factories May Contaminate and Pollute Residential Areas

If you are fail, normally you will be charged RM100 - RM200 including 1 or 2 classes to enable you to reseat the exam. But if you pass the exam, you will get your license-P in a week. Then you are free to drive on the road legally. In conclusion, you need to take all the steps discussed above to qualify you to have a legal driving license. There will be easier for you to drive without relying on o...

Biodiesel in Malaysia

A Friend of the Earth has published a report asserting that clearance of forests for oil-palm plantations is threatening some of the last habitat of the orangutan. Over the past decade, Malaysia has converted large tracts of tropical rainforest to palm oil plantations on the island of Borneo. Recently, several Malaysian firms were implicated in illegal burning in Indonesia that produced a pollutin...

Role of PGC-1 in Sodium Arsenite-induced Nephrotoxicity

PGC-1? expression also improves mitochondrial decoupling, which reduces mitochondrial membrane potential and reactive oxygen species (ROS) production, oxidative damage, mitochondrial calcium overload and potential apoptotic events through the induction of UCP2 (16) Increase in levels of PGC-1? is also robustly increases expression of UCP2 and UCP3(17). In this study it was observed that in Arsenic...

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