Eco Defense Essay

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Eco Defense

Eco-defense by Edward Abbey is about a guy who is was tired of corporate executives in the world who wanted to destroy the wilderness. He wants people to get more involved in the environment. The authors gave the reader three main points used to provide a pathos agreement which were when he compared the wilderness to our home, when he compared crime and robbery to what is happening on the forest, and how he asks the reader what eco defense really means.

Mr. Abbey is giving an example when he says “if the wilderness is our true home then why don’t we defend it”. The author appeals to the readers emotions in many ways. For instance, to me the author is saying that if the wilderness is really their home and wants them to bear arm and fight for what is right since they are being attacked. He also compares the act to a crime by first comparing the wilderness as home and then proceeding to compare the actions of the executives to a robbery.

This succeeds in creating a spark of anger in the reader to strengthen the author’s argument. For instance, Mr. abbey talks about using tactics and strategy; well if someone was home while the person was destroying their house then the home owner would have the rights bear arm and shoot at him. The types of tactics the author uses to stop the loggers are to put nails in the tree which is basically saying that anyone can bear arms and protect their home if someone were to think that way.

On another note, the author asks the reader “what is eco-defense”? To many people it would be to help protect nature and animals or it could mean stopping people from building big businesses on public and private land. Also, it could mean to stop the off shore drilling. The author defines eco-defense as “fighting back in a sabotage and illegal way”.

By fighting back as he suggest to the readers, the forest will “be grateful” (par7,sent: 3). He personifies the object of his argument that the forest –in order to further sway the emotion of the readers towards his viewpoint. The author uses personification and many different types of metaphors. He compares the wilderness first to a home and to the attacks on the forest to burglary. He then personifies the forest. He does these things to emotionally captivate his readers with a pathos argument.

In conclusion, the author is trying to get the reader think of this story as if it were like their home. He does it in such away it makes the reader really think about. For example, when he compares what the loggers are doing to the wilderness to a crime being committed at someone’s house and when he ask “what is eco-defense” also, finally he used many types of personification.

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