Echolocation Essay Topics


Human echolocation has been known and formally studied since at least the 1950s. In earlier times, human echolocation was sometimes described as “facial vision” . The field of human and animal echolocation was surveyed in book form as early as 1959. Mechanics Vision and hearing are closely related in that they can process reflected waves… View Article

Bats Echolocation

Echolocation is the art which is utilized by many animals in the detection of their pray and for navigational purposes. These animals are generally not equipped with eyes that are functionally advanced to the extent that makes them a good predator in their habitat. Common examples of such animals are Bats, dolphins, whales etc.  Such… View Article

Mechanism of Echolocation in Bats

Several animals and birds like owls and bats use echolocation to detect their prey and hunt them. However, these animals and birds use different strategies to detect the location of their prey. Owls use the mechanism of passive listening to find the location of their prey where as the bats use active biosonar system for… View Article