Echoes of Heaven Essay

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Echoes of Heaven

The world today seems to be going further and further from Christian Values. Denominations are arising against each other time after time. We no longer hear the proper preaching of the gospel because preachers prepare their sessions to suit the audience and therefore a lot of truth is left uncovered. A Christian who performs and leads a true Christian life seems very outdated.

There are rumors of wars everywhere in the world today. People seem to rely on technology much more than on God. I am a born again Christian, I have been a Christian since I was born but there is a huge difference in my life after I accepted Jesus Christ. I have received tangible breakthroughs and therefore when I say so much truth is left uncovered in today’s churches I do it with reference to my personal experience. Sometimes suffering comes our way because God wants to show us our weakness without Him. We must rely on Him and not on our own understanding.

I have observed Muslim practices closely and they are more devoted to their religion and believes than Christians!

Charles I agree that God’s Love is better than Life Itself and would very much want to know where to get the book.

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