Echoes of Heaven Analysis Essay

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Echoes of Heaven Analysis

With the state of the modern world being what it is, sometimes it can be very difficult for even strong believers to hold on to their faith absolutely.  There are so many questions that need answering and it can all seem so overwhelming.  There are, however, solutions and there are respites one can find in their belief.

            Hello, my name is Charles Elephant, or “Njogu“ in my language.  I am a master’s degree scholar at New York University, a born-again Christian, and a former resident of a small town in Kenya called Mukurwe-ini.  Through my unique life-experience I have gained the advantage of having had many different perspectives regarding the mysteries of spiritual life and the world in general.  It was because of this, in fact, that I decided to write a book that would delve into questions such as:

            Why is there so much violence in the world today?  Are Muslims or Christians truly right?  Why would God allow so many slayings in His name to take place?  What is the true nature of Christianity?  What are the fundamental differences between the major religions of the world and why are they all so at odds with one another?  Why must there be so much religious turmoil in contemporary society?

            All of these questions, and many others, are addressed at length in my book, Echoes of Heaven:  God’s Love is Better than Life Itself.  I, too, was once haunted by such uncertainties.  Today, though, I have found a spiritual peace and sense of direction that is so amazing that I feel utterly compelled to share it with others.  Today, I have access to a well of faith-based power so deep that I can’t bear to see others without it.  Today, I found when I once was very lost and I don’t want anyone else to go on feeling forlorn and as if they’ve wandered astray.

            If any of that describes you, then Echoes of Heaven:  God’s Love is Better than Life Itself, is definitely for you.  More than that, though, if you’re simply another interested and keen mind on the path of life, than the book is for you.

            So, what are you waiting for?  The answers that you’re looking for are just a few hours of reading away and the rewards of doing so are myriad.  Find more strength in your faith and solidify your spirit today!



Praise for Charles Elephant’s Echoes of Heaven:  God’s Love is Better than Life Itself:

-“Charles Elephant has written a truly magnificent piece.  Full of wonder and a depth of religious inquest lacking in many other novels, Echoes of Heaven is a truly masterful work.”

-”Deeply moving…an inspiration.”

-”Without question one of the most interesting religious works of the year.”

            Echoes of Heaven:  God’s Love is Better than Life Itself is a highly spiritual work written by a born-again Christian from a small town in Kenya.  The story details some of the author’s life and then goes on to present unique insights on religious topics as varied as the true nature of the soul and the roots of religious discord in the world today.  Whether you are a true believer, an agnostic, or an atheist, Echoes of Heaven has something very valid and beautiful with which it will touch your life.

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