Ebola Internet Scavenger Hunt Essay

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Ebola Internet Scavenger Hunt

Then click on the menu button Ebola Hemorragic Fever Distribution Map Where do most of the Ebola outbreaks seem to occur? Most seem to occur in the Congo and Uganda.

Now go back to the first page and click on Information on Ebola hemorrhagic fever Read through this fact sheet. What did you find interesting about Ebola? I found it interesting that Ebola has no carrier stat and because of the natural reservoir of the virus is unknown, the manner in which it first appears in a human at the start of an outbreak has not been determined!

On the first page again, click on the menu Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers in the For Travelers section. What are some of the modes of transmission that are discussed? Some modes of transportation are

On the first page again, click on the menu History of Ebola Outbreaks in Outbreak notices. Where and when were the most recent outbreaks? The most recent outbreak was in Uganda in May of 2011. How many people were affected? 1 person was affected.

On the first page again, click on Info for Airline Personnel in the Prevention Information section. Read through this. What is the potential for airline workers, TSA screeners and passengers? It has the potential for person to person spread. Transmissions to humans may occur through direct contact with blood or body fluids. We are all familiar with the TSA pat down and screening procedures. It has been reported that TSA screeners do not often change gloves between pat downs unless the passenger specifically requests them to do so.

What is the threat to passengers if screeners do not use good sanitary practices when screening passengers and luggage? What about other diseases like smallpox, MRSA, influenza, bird flu, and other deadly and potentially viruses and diseases? The threat to passengers to is very high and at a greater risk as well as other diseases. It best to ask the TSA screeners to obtain new gloves and wash hands when being screened. They should be switched from person to person but that does not happed everytime.

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