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Eating out habbits

The aim of this report is to review the existing knowledge on consumer’s attitudes, choices and behavior when eating out. this report will enhance knowledge about eating out. our points of interest were: The capability of food services to provide good foods. Certain eating out occasions of people. Frequency of people going out to eat. Likes and dislikes of people while eating out etc. DEFINITION OF EATING OUT: “ Meals, beverages , snacks consumed out of home. If more data is available, eating out can be defined as:

Meals eaten outside home prepared by food services ( it is understood that foodservices refer to catering, formal and informal eating out) Three criteria were discussed when developing the definition of eating out: a) Where the food was eaten.

( restaurant, food joints, picnic) b) Who cooked the meal. ( chefs, canteen chefs). c) The nature/category of the food eaten, basically, whether it was a meal or a snack (meal, salad, sandwich, tea or coffee, ice cream, etc).

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This report, however, needs to take into account how “eating out” is defined in the reviewed literature as well.

The starting point is “meals, beverages, snacks, prepared or consumed outside home”, as mentioned above. The challenge is to grasp the manifoldness of eating out in terms of, for instance, informal eating out (IEO) versus other eating out occasions and types The scope of research on eating out is wide. The objectives, methods and data vary a lot, as certainly does the definition of eating out. On one side, it seems that the concept of ‘eating out’ is a relatively unestablished term.

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Some studies take into account the entire range of eating outside the home, others refer to places of eating out, e. g. eating-out outlets (Olsen et al., 2000), or use the expression “commercial eating facility” (FAFH food away from home) (Byrne et al. , 1998; Mutlu and Gracia, 2006).

In the reviewed literature, snacks were not generally included in the definitions of eating out. On the other hand, the classification of restaurants is more established (QSR/quick service restaurant or fast food; casual dining; up-scale/fine dining; as well as the take-away/carryout types of restaurants) (Mertanen, 2007). Food services serve multiple purposes and functions. Research reviews disclose a wide variety of types and points of view making general conclusions difficult.

It does however seem that the consumer’s choice of restaurant is the most important aspect and that the choice of meal comes after that. Choices and motives related to eating out are connected to expectations and former experiences people have on eating out. Subsequently, the research largely focuses on consumer satisfaction, on how well expectations have been met and an overlapping with socio-psychological aspects cannot be avoided.

2. RESEARCH PROBLEM: “EATING OUT HABITS – A DEMOGRAPHY BASED STUDY”. 2. 1 RESEARCH PROBLEMS: a) what is the attitude of people towards eating out?

b) what are the reasons and usage pattern of people while eating out? c) what are the impact of demographic factors on eating out? d) what are the impacts of cultural background on eating out? e) what are the barriers to eating out? 2. 2 UNIT OF ANALYSIS: 1) students 2) service class 3) business class 4)household 5) self employed. 2. 3 research variables: INDEPENDENT VARIABLES: Customers attitude about eating out. DEPENDENT VARIABLES: MODERATE VARIABLES: Price Age Occasion Availability 3. RESEARCH OBJECTIVES: a) To study the demographic profile towards eating out. b) To study the barriers to eating out.

c) To study the cultural affects on eating out habits. d) To study the reasons due to which people prefer to eat out? RESEARCH METHODOLOGY: 4. 1 RESEARCH DESIGN Research design used in this study is descriptive research and the reasons of selection of this design are as followed: The is more structural and formal in nature. The objective of these study is to provide comprehensive and detailed explanation of the phenomenon under study 4. 2 SAMPLING “ sampling is concerned with the selection of a subset of individuals from within a population to estimate characterstics of whole population’ 4.

3 Sample size: The sample size selected for this research is 60. 4. 4 sampling technique: The sampling technique used is convenient sampling technique. METHOD OF DATA COLLECTION. Data Collection is an important aspect of any type of research study. Inaccurate data collection can impact the results of a study and ultimately lead to invalid results. The primary and secondary data is collected from: PRIMARY DATA: Primary data has been collected from the questionnaire method. We went to several places and distributed the questionnaire prepared and collected the data. SECONDARY DATA:

Secondary data has been collected from 5. Data analysis: Following are the interpretations from the research. The above pie represents the total number of people who like to eat out. From above interpretation it is clear that most of the people in this particular region like to eat out. ENJOYABLE COMPANY TO MUNCH WITH: From the above data it is clear that most of the people like to go out with colleagues, then follows the friends and then comes the family. Most of the people spend an amount more than thousand rupees in a month to eat in some restaurant or food joints.

From this chart we got to know that most of the people in pune region go out to eat because they love to eat out. Most of the people like to have both vegetarian as well as non vegetarian food while they decide to go out for eating. Most of the people like to explore new restaurants sometimes as the conditions and mood. Here, there is mixed type of views some people never want to visit new restaurants which show their loyalty towards their favourite restaurants. Most preferred food is Italian, which is followed by south Indian. Most preferred food joint is McD, followed by DOMINOS and then comes the KFC.

Parameters of eat out In our study most of the people take importance on the cleanliness on the restaurant and taste of the food . Speed of the services is also important parameters to decide eating out . According to 90 percent of the people speed of the service is important. 95 percent people chose the restaurant on the basis to taste of food and cleanliness of the restaurants . According to 90 percent people presentation of food is also important . Menu of variety is also important that is 88 percent . 87 percent people said that transportation /accessibility is important . 6. SUGGESTIONS:

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