Eating Locally Essay

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Eating Locally

It is inevitable for people – especially those that live in an area dominated by desert like Nevada – to depend on food supply from beyond their state’s borders. “Eating Locally” can be quite a challenge for people who are under such circumstances. Another problem that can be considered for a state like Nevada is the water supply which is quite a problem for a desert-dominated land. Hence, lesser water supply can hinder local food production, especially the fact that the land is not fertile enough for food production.

I believe a remedy for the food supply in Nevada while avoiding further problems for the environment at the same time, lies within its neighboring states. Acquiring food from their neighbors would lessen greenhouse gas emissions since there would be less distance to transport these goods. It would also lessen the drainage of water supply which people need to quench their thirst, especially in a desert-dominated state like Nevada since irrigation for local crop fields requires immense amounts of water.

Eating humanely produced animal products would also provide a healthier lifestyle for people, rather than gorging on meat filled with chemicals which can produce dire health-related illnesses to people. Comments: 1. I agree with the idea that supporting locally-made produce could help the local economy. However, the main obstacle would be the fertility of the area and the water supply needed for producing food. Indeed, the solution for this problem is to acquire produce from neighboring states rather than from distant states. Aside from helping the environment, it would also be less costly for the state’s economy to acquire these products.

2. Indeed, water supply hinders food production and makes it impossible to “eat locally” all the time. Furthermore, there are no alternatives yet for irrigation that could produce food just as fast for an ever growing market. I also agree with the fact that demand for humanely-produced goods such as free-range chicken eggs has been quite low so far, since markets call for faster production to increase income. 3. Indeed, it is the fate that people etched in their lives to the depletion of earth’s resources. However, there is still enough room to make amends with the wrongs we have committed.

Technology may have brought further destruction to the world, but it has also brought an opportunity to save it. Accepting the negative consequences of our actions means that we have surrendered all options to save the environment. 4. For a state like Nevada, two million people are definitely hard to supply food to since Nevada has two obstacles: the fertility of the land and a steady water supply to support both the population and food production. I would also agree with the fact that it will be difficult to convince people to buy the healthier yet more expensive produce. This fact has greatly hindered organic food production.

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