Eating disorders and healthy eating Essay

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Eating disorders and healthy eating

Men make up 10 to 15 percent of the population with anorexia and bulimia, but are the least likely to seek help due to the gender stereotypes surrounding the disorders. a. Almost half of people in the United States personally know someone with an eating disorder, that half of the people in the class room know someone that has an eating disorder. b. Packing lunch , choosing restaurants wisely and keeping nutritious snacks on hand are just a few of the ways you can still manage to eat something and stay healthy at the same time. c. I would like to tell you more about healthy eating and what eating disorders and the effects are , how you can find out if some one you know has them and recognizing the symptoms d. What are the three types of eating disorders

A. Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa and over eating
Anorexia is a pathological fear of gaining weight leading to bad eating patterns, malnutrition, and u sually excessive weight loss and refusal to maintain a healthy weight. 1. When the person sees them self in the mirror they see extremely fat person, and to everyone else extremely skiny Bulimia is repeated binge eating followed by behaviors followed by purging to avoid weight gain 2. Taking laxative is also one the behaviors that people will take on to be able to lose the weight and be skinny Over eating is constantly eating without boundaries and past the appropriate amour of food or eating past the point of fullness 3. Some reasons are Boredom , anxiety and stress or even to please someone. B. Effects of eating disorders Treatments of eating disorders 1. Weight loss, fatigue, fainting, thin hair and nails

Dehydration, menstrual irregularly, heart problems, took damge The worst one of all death
Some therapy to talk about why the eating disorders is present and help the patient though it. 1. Most of the times eating disorders are issues that have gone untreated; and a way for people to feel like they have control over their lives. Medication that increases hunger for some and suppresses
hunger for others

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