Easy Picnic Food Ideas and Tips To Follow

Doing a picnic outside is fun and rewarding. It strengthens the bond bet family and friends, promoting good camaraderie.

Here are some helpful pointers to remember to do a hassle-free picnic.

Only the Best Spot

Before choosing a spot, consider your budget, your transportation and the number of people. For families, consider a spot where kids have plenty of space to run around. Lush green parks with a lot of trees to shield your skin when it’s too hot are perfect when you want to unwind and relax.

Be Practical

When you think about having a picnic, you imagine bringing a wicker basket to pack your food and drinks. Today, wicker baskets may no longer be a practical option. Using insulated proved to be more practical in keeping your food warm or cold. The compartments make it easier for you to organize your food everybody’s favorite dishes can be included.

A Surface for Your Food

Doing a picnic encourages the participants to eat on the ground, however, if your chosen spot is rough surface, placing plates and food can be hard.

Using old trunks serves a dual purpose in this manner: bringing the food in and using it as a make-shift table. You may also bring a foldable mini table or a breakfast serving tray to place your plates and utensils. Having a picnic table stake is very convenient to place your drinks to avoid spillage.

Pick the Right Cloth

Choose a picnic blanket that is soft yet durable, water-absorbent but easily dries, stylish yet comfortable, and convenient.

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The size should be able to accommodate you, your food, and your family members.

Create Shades

If you’re planning for an all-day picnic, you should consider bringing in umbrellas to add some shade in the later parts of the day.

Bring Cushions

Whether you wanted to bathe in the morning sun or you want a comfortable seating option, bringing a throw pillow or two gives an additional convenience to your picnic.

Mason Jars Are In!

Having not to think about food leaks and spills during transportation makes you enjoy your picnic more. Use mason jars to pack side dishes, salads, condiments, and desserts.

Knives and Cutting Board

A small kitchen knife for slicing and dividing your food during a picnic makes a lot of difference. Don’t forget to bring a cutting board so you can properly spice up and dice up things.

Add More Variety

Boring, saggy, sandwiches are out. To have more fun all day, bring in food that will energize you so you can have lots of energy to have fun with your family.

Don’t Let Your Utensils Touch the Ground

Milk bottles and mason jars are great tools where you can store your utensils, napkins, and straws.

Clean as You Go

The time goes to fast and it’s finally time to go home. Don’t forget to bring garbage bags to keep the picnic area clean and litter-free. Water is limited during picnics, so wipe your utensils with our eco-friendly table napkins before putting them in your thermal/insulated bag.

Our table napkins and tissues are made up of 90% wheat straw fiber. Wheat straws are annually renewable resouce. It requires less energy to produce, less water, and fewer chemicals to process.

We have different varieties to choose from that’s suitable for any occasion. Use a wheat straw napkin today and help the environment.

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