Eastern Civilization Essay

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Eastern Civilization

      Chinese culture has been divided in many ways. Each division has left its mark on the generations to follow.

     Ancient Southern Chinese and mainland Southeast Asian culture effected several areas of the Northern Chinese culture. One of the largest impacts was the spread of Buddhism. When Buddhism has a strong following in the southern culture, it migrated with the people to the North. Northern china has many temples and gardens dedicated to Buddhism that exist to this day.

    Agriculture in the North was much different than in the southern regions. The north had more plains and tended to be very dry. This type of land was not usable for the production of rice, which was a southern staple. The northern Chinese ate more wheat based foods, as this would grow in their region easily.

    As trade began between the south and north, southern Chinese helped develop irrigation techniques that allowed the northern Chinese to grow rice in their land.

    The South also created the common written language that was used by all Chinese in all regions of the country. The South also helped with military strategies regarding the North’s poor defenses, due to open space.

     There are still many who insist on a dividing line between Southern and Northern Chinese but they have integrated much of their cultures into one over the time they have existed.

     Art and Literature have been another area of impact from the ancient Southern Chinese. Bronze casting and porcelain were developed in the south and incorporated into the Northern arts over time.


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