East Asia Essay Topics

Types of barley

The barley can be classified on different basis like no. of rows of grains or seeds, based on the type of hull the grains have, appearance, color, grain size etc. Some commonly talked of types are listed below. Feed and malt types: This classification is based on end use of the barley. The feed barley… View Article

The East Asian Model of Development and Financial Crisis

The East Asian miracle is often quoted as an example of how countries can register fast paced growth through focused and concentrated growth in industry and trade. However, in the last few decades, countries that have grown at varying paces and this rate of growth has varied in different environments. The East Asian tigers, ruled… View Article

Role of Japan in the Economic Transformation of East Asia

The expansion in the East Asian economies in the last two decades is quite significant considering the economic changes happened after the ending of the World War II. During the period from 1965-1990 there has been a tremendous increase in the Gross National Product (GDP) of the East Asian countries to the tune of more… View Article

Globalisation VS regionalisation

Discuss with the Introduction to part III (pp. 289-293) and Chapter 20 in Stubbs & Underhill as a starting point the relationship between globalisation and regionalisation. Characterise in continuation of this the differences between regional integration in Europe and The Far East. For instance, you may reflect upon whether the recent financial crisis has set… View Article