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Earthquakes: Natural Disasters

The previous earthquakes reveals destruction of essential lifeline facilities like overhead water tanks in recrudescence, governing to risky hazards even afterwards the event. Prevailing seismic design strategy of water tanks is not adequate in current scenario and so dynamic analysis of elevated tanks are encyclopedically studied.

In this paper, the interaction between the structure and soil is investigated by modeling a water tank as easier as possible to seizure the overall respond of the system. The tank modeled is overhead circular water tank located at Kathmandu, Nepal and time history of ELCENTRO is used to review the respond of the model in Midas gen.

Simple water tank model with mat foundation is then employed in MIDAS GTX NX to convey the effect of SSI on the global respond of actual structures. This paper justifies the effects of soil structure interaction on natural period and displacements of water tank subjected to seismic ground motions. Results show soil structure interaction effect increases the natural period and reduces the deformation behavior of soil under lateral loading.

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