Earthquake Preparedness and How to Survive an Earthquake

There are some kids who grow up to their parents preparing them for earthquakes and how to survive through one, but they never ask their parents or whoever teaches them what an earthquake is. An earthquake is when the earth shakes, it could be a small tremor or a big disaster. Just because it can be called a small tremor doesn’t mean that it won’t injure someone or a building. There are plenty of small earthquakes that have took lives, houses, and cars.

However, the earthquakes that are a big disaster are the ones that some parents and teachers have teach kids at such a young age because they live in an environment that has a lot of them.

Kids aren’t taught how earthquakes are caused until they are in middle school, for some lucky ones they can be taught in their last year in elementary school if their parents haven’t already taught them. They are caused by shaking and displacing or disruption of the ground, energy from the separation radiates outward in all directions including towards the surface where the earthquake is found.

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Some people believe that the earth has rocks underneath it and when the rocks start moving or going out of place, they cause a type of radiation or vibration to be specific that eventually flows to the earth’s surface making it shake.

It’s something that can’t really be told if it’s going to be small or big until it happens, but it can become a big and dangerous one in a matter of seconds.

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They can destroy an entire city destroying anything or anyone, so if you are ever in one be careful and make sure that you don’t panic. For those people who like to live on the beach or next to the ocean they must look out for tsunamis. A tsunami is an ocean wave or a series of waves, it can also be known as a natural phenomenon. It gets its creative name because it’s a creative disaster, it often spikes without a warning. It can be a beautiful day on the beach, the waves are good and beautiful then suddenly, they start to get crazy and out of control and dangerous.

They can get up to 100 feet and can be long as about 60 miles, the big waves can be as far apart as one hour after another, it’s not necessarily a rapid pace every time. But each wave can be very dangerous, taking out entire cities without losing a decent amount of energy. Tsunamis are mostly caused by certain disturbance in the ocean, but they are generally caused by earthquakes or submarine landslides, sometimes even volcanic eruptions. It’s basically any type of movement from underneath the earth’s surface that is near the water might cause a tsunami. They can be very small to the point where you didn’t even know you were in the middle of one, or they can be very big to where two cities are destroyed by just one tsunami, in a tsunami it is about the energy of the waves. If the energy in the waves are very high, they will destroy.

The land when the water reaches it but if the energy is low the waves will most likely disappear or come to a halt when it reaches the land. They can suck people and objects underwater drowning them to death, some people who have survived through one says that it sounds like a freight train. Earthquakes can cause a tsunami, it happens when the tectonic plates shift in the ocean because this placement causing seismic waves. Furthermore, if the earthquake is big enough and has violent enough force it can cause substantial and sudden displacement of a massive amount of water causing a tsunami.

They can cause oceans to rise and can create a very high turbulence under the water pulling almost anything into it causing it to flow deeper into the ocean, it can take away the whole beach. The most damaging tsunami that was caused by an earthquake on record was in 1782, it killed an estimate of 40,000 people in the South China Sea. In 1883 36,500 people were killed in the South Java Sea by a tsunami that followed behind the eruption of Indonesia’s Krakatoa volcano. In conclusion there are several types of natural disasters that aren’t caused by us humans it’s just the earth, but they can be very deadly and dangerous.

We also know that not all earthquakes cause a tsunami but something that causes a tsunami can be very dangerous.  We know that earthquakes are caused by the rocks moving under the earth’s surface and they can be very dangerous or can be a non-factor. It’s a lot of things that kids are taught at a young age how to protect and hide from natural disasters, but they are rarely informed about what causes them and the true damage that they can cause. Natural disasters are a serious matter not all the time will they be dangerous and cause harm to people or objects but everyone should be prepared to be safe during each and every one of them, because they can start off small but get serious and deadly very quick.

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