Earth and Planet Essay

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Earth and Planet

God create our planet earth for us to have a home so we have to take care of our planet because God gave it to us and if we don’t take care of our planet someday our planet earth will be destroy or it will be gone. We have to protect our nature specially the trees because if we don’t protect our nature and if we cut down all the trees we will experience stronger floods and typhoon that will destroy our planet. We can save our planet earth by simply throwing your garbage in the right place not in the river or in the streets.

If we throw our garbage in the river it will be stock and if there is a typhoon the flood will go higher than we expected because of the garbage that is stock in the river so we have to practice our selves not throwing garbage anywhere but in the right place only. For me it’s very important to protect our planet because God entrusted the planet earth to us so we have to protect it and love it. We can save our planet by stopping the mining company’s because if the mining in the earth continues someday the mountains in the earth will destroy and will cause a flashflood that people will be getting hurt or die. So if we want to live longer in this earth we have to protect our planet and save it before it’s too late.

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