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Essay on Earth

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Beauty in Nature

We can also help the environment by getting others to join beach cleanups. Having more people picking up trash can help in many ways. Cleaning up the beach made me think about the other things that can help this world to survive a bit longer. It is not impossible to do because humans are the main source; we are the ones that need little something from everything and from everyone. It is not hard t...

The Earth

The population of India today is 920 million, which is more than the entire population of Africa and South America. What is happening today is that rich are getting richer and poor are begetting children, which begets them to remain poor. Now the folks have realised what endangers our race. It is not about the survival of human race but the survival of the planet Earth. It is an Era of Responsibil...

Sustainability: My Ecological Footprint

For example, people cut down trees to build houses or for making furniture – trees inborn value in this situation is ignored, therefore, devastating overall outcomes emerge. Deforestation contributes to global warming, less trees means less absorption of carbon dioxide, leading to more greenhouse gases trapped in the atmosphere. To make environmental decisions to satisfy both anthropocentrism a...

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Vietnamese mid-autumn festival

Mid-Autumn Festival always occurs at the beginning of the first semester of school, so children can receive many lucky wishes from family members for a coming study year. On those days, lion-dancing teams include professional and unprofessional teams (unprofessional teams are teams that have 8~9 kids, not adults). They will stand in front of the house and ask the house owner for dancing in the ya...

Creation Myth Essay

There are many creation myths other than the creation myth of India and the creation myth Genesis. These two creation myths may be different but they are also the same. The similarities between these two myths is that their Gods are both supreme and they are both benign while the differences between these myths are that the reasons for the creations were different and the way the creations were ac...

Phases of the Moon

However, at special times during the year, the earth, moon, and sun do in fact "line up". When the moon blocks the sun or a part of it, it's called a solar eclipse, and it can only happen during the new moon phase. When the earth casts a shadow on the moon, it's called a lunar eclipse, and can only happen during the full moon phase. Roughly 4 to 7 eclipses happen in any given year, but most of th...

The World On A Turtle's Back

The cosmic creature became the home for people, lands, and animals who ride on its back because the turtle is the only one who can swim in the ocean. The turtle symbolizes life and interconnection of all living creatures and gods. Turtles were commonly seen as animals in earlier times. When the woman put the dirt on the turtle’s back, when she fell and walked around it in the same way the sun g...

“Reflection Essay on Global Citizenship Class”

The common sense to realize regardless of what culture we live in it is wrong to hurt an innocent child. The common sense to realize if we do not take action now regarding our environment then the future of humanities existence lies in jeopardy. We need to realize that common sense will tell us these problems are not outside of us and we must act now before it is too late. We cannot look at the ab...

The Effects of the 2010 Haiti Earthquake

Through twitter the public fulfilled its public relations activities and surprising millions on how influential social media is on public relations. Organizations were able to set up charities online and through telecommunications, the public responded quickly by donating money, food, clothes and other basic necessities. As the world becomes more technologically advanced the easier it becomes to c...

The Earth and Its Peoples Chapter 6 Summary

Thus began the long history of imperial China. The threat to their way of life created by the Chinese invasion caused the creation of the Xiongnu Confederacy. Gaozu, the new emperor of the Han courted popularity and consolidated their rule by bringing back many Qin laws. We know much about the personality and policies of Wu because of Sima Qian, chief astrologer. Chang’an City became the capital...

Geology Study Guide

135)|What two major characteristics differentiate minerals from natural glasses? highly viscous; cools quickly|135)| 136)|Most glasses and some minerals exhibit a type of fracture characterized by nested and|136)| |curved, crack surfaces. What term describes this property? conchoidal fracture|| 137)|Parallel, straight, linear imperfections visible on the cleavage surfaces of plagioclase|137)| |fel...

Should Space Exploration Be Continued?

Space exploration will also improve our technology. The great invention such as satellite helps people in many ways. For example, the weather forecasting has “saved lives and help us prepare for the worst hurricanes and dangerous storm.” (“The Largest Benefits” np); The GPS has helped those astray people; also the cell phones and internet that we have used. All these great inventions have ...

Like Stars on Earth

Ishaan continued struggling with the same problems in his new school. When he was finally on the brink of suicide,Then came an alternative art teacher Ram Nikumbh discovered that he had dyslexia and consequently turned his life around. Ram Nikumbh change the best way Ishaan would act towards school and figure out how to appreciate himself even more, his art teacher who pay attention to Ishaan and ...

Determine the Strength Characteristics of a Rock

Strength characteristic of a rock is an integral part in engineering and geotechnical practice as it can be the base of structure or the structure itself hence the point test was utilised to determine this crucial parameter. The rock is initially a round cylindrical shape that is intact. During the testing it split in a roughly 2:3 ratio vertically at the load of 21.373kN with the platen distance ...

The Impact of Human Activities on Earth

To sump up, in accordance of the[delete this] above arguments, I can come up with my conclusion [I conclude]that Earth is being damaged by human activity[ies]. Many scholars and environmental groups already spare no effort in announcing the importance of environment protection. In addition, the governments of many countries also make laws to prohibit human activity form wasting natural resources, ...

Christchurch Earthquake

http://www.ipenz.org.nz/IPENZ/forms/pdfs/ChChFactSheets-Answers-critical-questions-buildings.pdf http://keithwoodford.wordpress.com/2011/02/27/understanding-the-christchurch-earthquake-building-damage/ http://scienceblogs.com/startswithabang/2013/05/10/where-does-an-earthquakes-energy-come-from/ www.scoop.co.nz/stories/SC1103/S00054/the-canterbury-earthquakes-scientific-answers.htm http://www.mona...

Respecting the environment

Something as simple as turning off the water while brushing your teeth makes a HUGE difference for Planet Earth. Doing this one thing can help save up to 25 gallons of water each month! By just doing such a simple thing, you are doing a huge part to save Earth! Keep Your School Free of Garbage. The more we keep our Earth clean the happier it will be. Do your part by making sure you don’t leave y...

The Mid-Autumn Festival

Traditionally,13 moon cakes were piled in a pyramid to symbolize the 13 moons of a “complete year,” that is, 13 moons plus one intercalary moon. Beside those, we have fire dragon dances, lantern show, and burn incense to celebrate the festival. The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming; I hope you can enjoy the traditional Chinese festival!! If you can’t back to home, remember to contact your family...

Teaching regarding the natural world

The Tower of Babel definitely made a huge impact on the dispersion of the world and the fact that we speak different languages now. God saw that the people were united, they had one common cause and they stood by it, they were unflinching in their determination to build that tower, and God confused their tongue that they all speak the same thing but in different languages and they couldn’t cont...

Oceans and Atmosphere Worksheet

Describe each layer briefly. There is the Troposphere, the Stratosphere, the Mesosphere, and the Thermosphere. The Troposphere contains 80% of all actual mass of the atmosphere. It is also the layer where all weather phenomenon take place. Most all heat absorbing gases reside here. The Stratosphere contains 19% of all atmospheres mass. The Mesosphere and Thermosphere together contain only 1% of th...

One Earth, One chance

It’s an evident that helping our Earth is great when you recycle and save energy for you, the Earth and your wallet. Don’t you want to make a difference? So, what are you waiting for? Go help our Earth be more cleaner and energy efficient. Let’s make sure our Earth be cleaner at home and school before it’s too late. Furthermore remember to always be cautious about your energy use! So join ...

Comparison of Hurricane and Tornado Natural Disasters

They each have heavy rain, they also have thunder and lighting. People are most likely alerted when a hurricane or tornado watch is coming. Everyone under a tornado or hurricane watch is protected and far away from the area. How these two are different are that hurricanes form over tropical oceans and tornadoes form over land. Hurricanes take several days and tornadoes take up only to 15-30 minute...

Global warming speech

The negative effects of global warming are slowly ruining the environment we live in. In a few decades, it is possible our Earth will be very uncomfortable to live on. I have researched the issues of global warming and have found out as much as I possibly can in order to deliver an informative speech about global warming. Global warming is an extremely important topic to me, because knowing what t...

Chapter 4 Plate tectonics


Dynamic Earth

In conclusion, Earth's dynamism is shown through plate tectonics and the rock cycle. It is constantly changing despite the slow rate. The features that are visible today won't be there forever. Volcanoes that were once active will cease to erupt and continents that were once separated by water will be glued together. Beautiful rock formations will be torn down by the violent planet that is Earth. ...

Cause and Effect Essay: Causes of Flood

The third cause of flood is tsunamis. According to the Forces of Nature website, one cause of tsunamis are high winds. High winds create waves that would hit beaches and shores. According to PAGASA, another cause of tsunamis are seismic activities. Examples are underwater volcanoes and earthquakes. When underwater volcanoes erupt or when earthquakes occur, they form tsunamis. Tsunamis are dangerou...

Nature - Man Destruction

Green forestland of the Earth can be compared to the lungs of human. How healthy you are if their lungs are trespassed. I am sure that you will get more difficult with aspiration; as a result your health will be affect badly. From this example, we can infer that how serious problem our Earth has to face with. I wonder how long it can endure. In conclusion, the human beings harm the Earth. Human be...

Philosophical Concept of the Moon in Taketori Monogatari

The author made a romantic world on the moon in comparison to the human world and revealed some silly or ridiculous behaviors in the human world through the eyes of Kaguya-hime, who possesses human nature. In this way, the author demonstrates that it is the imperfection which makes human-beings lovely and genuine, and that is why Kaguya-hime loves the Earth wholeheartedly. Furthermore, through the...

The Distance to Andromeda

Two boys watched the survivors of the Earth, last men and women of this world ride a rocket to look for another place to live where water, air and other living creatures are present. As they travel they saw a brilliant water and a land that can be their new place to live in. And a typical family having a dinner, had a conversation about the future of a child and a realization of a thirteen year ol...

Earthquake in Japan

The tsunami waves overtopped seawalls and destroyed diesel backup power systems, leading to severe problems such as large explosions and radioactive leakage. It has been almost a year since the devastating 9.0 earthquake and tsunami destroyed coastal communities in northern Japan killing more than 15,000 people. What struck me the most about this tragedy is the reaction of the Japanese community a...

Global Warming - Argument Essay

Overall, global warming is a serious matter that has been brought to people’s attention in recent years because of temperature increases. The attention that global warming gained has raised the awareness of thousands across the country to be more aware of how they are individually effecting the environment, which in turn has helped the environment. However, contrary to popular belief, a large nu...

Solar Absorbers and the Future of Electricity

These electrons can be used to make electricity. This can power anything, like a toaster, or a TV, or even some cars. Jeff's job as a researcher involves doing lots of experiments. Jeff says that experiments are the heart of science. You have to take your ideas and test them to see if they work or not. “Sometimes the ideas work and sometimes they don't, and that's science in a nutshell,” Jeff ...

Causes and Effects of Earthquakes

Earthquakes can mainly have two dreadful effects. First, one direct effect of earthquakes is ground shaking and landslides. The earthquake’s waves make the ground move, shaking buildings and causing weaker structures to collapse. The damage of properties can lead to secondary effects such as fire, which is produced because of the rupture of natural gas mains and water lines. Second, other post-e...

Your last day on Earth

As you pursue your dreams, be ever mindful of writer Lloyd Alexander's affirmation that "the journey is the treasure."As far as we know, no one has arrived at their deathbed without missed opportunities, failed goals, and relationship blunders. Everyone misses it. However, successful people will tell you that their ability to persevere, embracing the "we and me" experiences along the way, happens ...

The effect of earthquake

Apart from psychological disorders, damaging to buildings can certainly result from the earthquakes. Non-durable buildings may be destroyed because of concussion of the earthquake. Thus, most of the people can lose their own homeland when they are facing the earthquake. As it is very clear seen, damaging to buildings is directly proportional with earthquakes. At last, it is an obviou...

Human Activity Causes Climate Change

Conversely, what the greenhouse gases are doing is taking up the infrared radiation and shut in all the sun’s heat into the atmosphere (What are greenhouse, 2004). Even though these are the processes that happen on Earth without human intervention, we made a change to it dramatically by speeding them up and at the same time adding numerous problems into it. Due to climate change, our ice caps a...

Water cycle

The water cycle has four main stages which are ; evaporation , condensation,precipitation,and collection.the water cycle only has limited amount of water thats why we have a water cycle because it starts over and over again. Again if we didn’t have water we wouldn’t be alive and the earth wouldn’t exist right now.we interfere with the water cycle by taking away a lot of fresh water and delet...

Enuma Elish vs. Genesis

In a Christian dominated world, many would deny the fact that the story of Genesis is unoriginal, because of the possibility that accepting a story as unoriginal would make it inferior; thus leading many skeptics to further question the validity of Judaist teachings. In conclusion, Enuma Elish and Genesis have a distinctly akin nature, with the possibility of mutual cultural influences. Through de...

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