Earning a college Degree Worth it Essay

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Earning a college Degree Worth it

Colleges across the United of America are filled with students willing to obtain college degrees. Students usually work hard to earn their college degrees beside the high cost of tuition; they are committed to their education and make extreme sacrifices. But is earning college degrees worth the effort? For many, earning college degrees are opportunities for a life changing situations, employment security, and a great sense of self accomplishment. College degrees are the shortest path to life changing situations for individuals who earn them.

For example, individuals with college degrees are more likely to find jobs in accordance with their fields of studies. In addition, their jobs are often less physical and more cerebral. In the workplace, they are usually treated with fairness, and their wages increase steadily. Finally, people with college degrees can enjoy the privilege of job flexibility. To illustrate, those who majors in computer or business might work in the comfort of their homes as software developer, business analyst which jobs allow them flexible scheduling with great wages to combine with family plans.

For example, they have more time for cruising, enjoying family getaway weekends, and even biking in rural town. In addition to, experiencing life changing situations, individuals with college degrees have greater chances of employment security. To illustrate, during recession they are less likely to be laid off for several reasons. First of all, they are great assets to companies that will do mostly whatever is necessary to keep them. Next, when individuals with college degrees are searching for employment, they usually do not have to wait long to be recruited by companies mostly because they are skillful and talented.

Finally, individuals with college degrees in the workplace are less likely to be fired because they are contractual. They are generally hired on a salary basis with full advantages such as, health insurance and 41k. Most people with college degrees enjoy relative peace and security related to their employment. Finally, people who go to college or university to obtain college degrees of any kind ,experience great sense of self –accomplishment that will reflect on themselves.

First, they are proud of themselves for what they have accomplished or overcome to be where they are. Secondly, people with college degrees are treated with respect on their job and that respect follow them even in their homes. Their social status might change totally in a way that they couldn’t imagine four to five years before. When management want to give promotion, people with college degrees are the first ones to enjoy those promotions mostly because they are well prepared.

Individuals with college degrees have opportunities to invest in real state, buy fancy cars, and even invest in stock market. Individuals with college degrees can see a brighter future for themselves and families. It is obvious that college degrees bring pride, self-esteem, appreciation, and feelings of well-being for individuals who earn them. To conclude, along with many others, life changing situations, employment security, and a great sense of self-accomplishment are the direct consequences of earning a college education.

Naturally, some might argue that college degrees do not worth all the sacrifices. It is widely known that education is a mean to empower individuals to become active participants in the transformation of their society. Every one of us has a role to play to better our life and society. People need to be prepared and get themselves a good education which is the key for a successful life. Indeed, college degrees do worth the effort, sacrifices, and the cost.

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