Early Standardized Testing Is Not an Indication of Later Academic Success

As a young child of elementary school age, my sister struggled in school. She was nearly “held back” to repeat the second grade, in fact. There was not a single subject she was excelling in and whether her increased involvement in sports or a disconnect with her teacher were factors are unknown. Regardless, it took significant time with a tutor, and corresponding money on my parents’ behalf, to get my sister to a level that allowed her to continue on to the next grade on time.

She forgoed tutoring after that year and did fine on her own. She is now a high school student and full-time varsity athlete and manages to balance it all while taking honors classes.

So what, if any, indications can be made by the school performance of young children? According to my article, not many. Standardized testing is started as early as the second grade at the state level, with benchmark or in-district exams starting even earlier.

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The purpose is thought to be that these tests will indicate the future academic and overall success of children in the future. The British Psychological Society’s Professor Richard Cowan decided to test this theory for himself. Cowan found there was an inconsistency in the amount of development and learning which takes place from year to year.

Certain periods of life may be more crucial to academic development than others. For example, there is a huge amount of learning which takes places from birth to age five, compared to age five to ten, and so on.

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In this way, Cowan found that children do not necessarily fit into a single category of “successful” or “unsuccessful” academically for life. In fact, they do not even fit into categories of success within particular subjects. This is because of the dynamic nature of the classroom environment. A student who is not doing well academically may, when placed in a class or group of high-achievers, step up to meet them at their level. In contrast, this student may feel left out and fall even further behind. This is where the teacher comes in. Strong leadership skills and an ability to identify the needs of students is crucial for good teachers, as is early identification and involvement of independent education plans and child study teams for children in need.

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