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Early Republic of America Essay

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The early history of early republic of America is made up of four key events that give the whole overview of this republic. That is the Alien and Sedition Acts Gabriel’s rebellion, Louisiana Purchase and the war of 1812. They bring out the picture very clearly that is, how politics and nationhood emerged then how market economy emerged, territorial expansion and the rise of slavery up to the time of the war of 1812. In a way each event contributed to the emergence of the other or the former set the stage for the later.

The Alien and Sedation Acts came to be as a result of the bills that federalists passed on the congress in 1798. After John Adams signed them, they became laws. Its supporters believed it was meant to protect the lives of the Americans from attacks by citizens from enemy powers and also to prevent the government from being weakened by seditious confrontations a thing that was strongly opposed by the Democratic Republicans.

These actually were from different laws which were referred to as alien and sedition acts.

One of them prohibited publishing any malicious information about the government and its officials, the other one, allowed deportation of aliens through to be a threat to the stability of the nation. The third one extended the duration that aliens were required to stay before they would become full citizens. It was extended from 5 years to 14 years. The last one authorized any alien resident from any country that was at war with America to be deported. This alien and sedition acts somehow triggered the slaves rebellion that was spear headed by Gabriel Prosser.

He was a black American who worked as a slave. The act of 1798 which authorized peace breakers to be deported inspired Gabriel into causing instability so that they could be deported to their mother countries. (Meinig D. W. 1993; 68-82) This rebellion was also very timely as it conceded with the time when there was a hot argument between the Haitian slave revolt and the French revolution. He wanted to take advantage of this situation. He wanted to lead this rebellion up to Richmond but they were delayed by the rains.

The masters had a premonition of the rebellion and so before it could take off but it was suppressed after Gabriel was betrayed by his fellow slaves. He was questioned about the movement but he denied. His 24 followers, his two brothers and himself were hanged. The federal government of U. S. A was not much interested in Louisiana territory but specifically they were interested in the New Orleans which was very useful to them in shipping U. S. A goods to and from Appalachian mountains. By this time, it was a Spanish colony.

The Pinckney’s treaty allowed Americans to transport various products like tobacco, pork, cider, cheese as well as butter. The treaty also allowed Americans to have navigation rights in the Mississippi river in 1798, Spain cancelled this treaty but it was strengthened later after negotiations between America and Spain. In 1801 the territory was ruled by Don Mannel De Salcedo after taking control from Marques. A secret treaty was signed between Americans and French the territory would remain a Spanish colony until the power would finally be transferred to the hands of the French.

This eventually happened in 1803. This provoked a bitter reaction from the Democrat Republicans who reasoned that buying Louisiana would make French citizens of U. S. A but with the Alien and Sedition Acts, the federalists were sure that nothing would go wrong as anybody who would contravene the rule of law would be deported to their mother land without further ado. The idea of selling of Louisiana to America by France was opposed by the foreign minister who held a different sentiment. He believed that it would hamper their mission on the Northern America.

At this time the yellow fever outbreak was greatly doing a big damage to Bonaparte’s army in Europe. He tried to make peace with United Kingdoms of Great Britain and Ireland but Britain’s refusal to evacuate Malta provoked France to fight Britain. These circumstances forced France to stop its N. America plans and decided to sell it to the Americans. (Meinig D. W. 1993; 68-82) It is this enmity between France and Britain that led to the war of 1812 which was fought between France, United Kingdom and the United States of America. It started between 1812-1814.

The Americans joined the war on June 18th 1812 after Britain became a real threat to America. For example they included Americans into their navy; they failed to maintain neutral trade and allegations that Britain was supporting American Indians against American colonialists. Also another thing that led America to join the war because of its desire to expand its territory. In short, we can say that one event either directly or indirectly led to the other. The combination of these events are what made what was known as early republic of America. Reference: Meinig D. W. The shaping of America. Yale University Press. Volume 2. 1993; 68-82.

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