Early Reading Essay

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Early Reading

Fostering a sense of articulation Foucus on how young children learn to read and write? What is effective practice? Artcials reflect reasearch on how children learn to read and write.. grounded in what is know about child development We know that roal language is the foundation for literacy develpomen tand that oral lang continues to supposrt lit dev. thourghout the early yrs and beyound. Lang development are interdependen, what we do to supposrt oral lang contributes lit and vice versa. virtual fields trips to bulid up a vocab and build up a background knowledge. family story bk reading at home helps.. reading allowed.

The key predictors of long term lit learning.. start children off to a good start and ensure continue success Julie Bowtell – Proessional Leas: Primary Eng, School of edu, uni of herefordshire – teachers tv ITE lectures – Early reading teaching lit. – reading and writing are mutually beneficial, one impacts positively on the other. Primary currciulaum is predicated on childrens ability to read, write, speak and listen. What is reading? ” Reading is much more than the decoding of black marks upon the page: it is a quest for meaning to be an active participant. ” English for Ages 5 to 16 (The cox report) 16. 2 (1989).

“Reading is an active process of getting meaning from print. ” Reading is always a message getting activity 2 aspects – Decoding.. word recog, high frequency words – comprehension of what’s being read As fluent skilled reading we are reading for sense, menaing.. searching for the menaing that the autor intended. Simple view of reading: language comprehension and word recognition > Rose review came up with the model and the wording the simple view of reading BIB Gough, P. B. (1972). One second of reading. In J. F. Kavanagh & I. G. Mattingly (eds. ), Language by ear and by the eye (pp. 331-358). Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

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