Early Morning by Langston Hughes

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Langston Hughes, “Early Autumn” he uses setting to reveal how Bill and Mary once felt about each other. Hughes uses Washington Square as their running into each other place. This illustrates that this is a small world after all. You never know who you will run into at any point in time. Bill doesn’t realize that it’s Mary, because she had aged so much compared to him. This states that it has been a long time since she left him for another man.

Mary seems to be excited to see Bill, she cares for him still when she “Unconsciously, she lifted her face as though wanting a kiss. ”(Para 5) Bill looks at Mary in an awkward and discussed way.

He does this by frowning between his eyebrows. As they go on with their conversation Hughes writes “it was late afternoon. Nearly sunset. Cold. (Para 10) I think this is illustrating how Mary feels when she finds out that he is married and has two kids.

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He is no longer bitter towards women. Hughes describes Mary wanting to go back to the past. She knew that Bill thought she looks old. “The leaves fell slowly from the trees in the Square. Fell without wind. Autumn dusk. She felt a little sick. (Para 20) This illustrates that Mary is realizing that Bill had moved on and there was nothing she could do about it.

She felt a little sick, because she knows that having dinner with Bill and his wife Lucille would be hard to see him so happy with someone other than her.

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Hughes describes “Suddenly the lights came on up the whole length of Fifth Avenue” (Para 20) Reveals how happy and proud Bill is of his kids. This is the only time that he smiled and actually meant it. When the bus doors closed before she could say goodbye. “People came between them outside” “She lost sight of Bill” (para 25) Then she remembered that they didn’t exchange addresses.

This symbolizes that she had shut the door on him a long time ago and regrets doing it. “Or tell him that her youngest boy was named Bill, too. ” (para 25) This symbolizes that she has and always will love him and she thinks about him often. Mary has never gotten over Bill. When she sees him she wants to go back into the past to when they were together. Bill has overcome being bitter to women. He is truly happy with how his life turned out. I feel that Mary feels that she married the wrong man. Hughes states this in the first paragraph sentence four “Impulsively, she had married a man she thought she love. ”

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Early Morning by Langston Hughes
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