Early Italian Renaissance Essay

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Early Italian Renaissance

The intellectual concepts as well as the trends during a particular period in time are manifested in various ways. One means by which the situations in a specific time frame could be express is through the arts. Arts in the form of paintings, statues, and even in the construction of church or basilicas also symbolize the kind of thinking during the era that they were created. This is evident during the early Italian renaissance wherein the art forms during that time embodies the intellectual concerns of their society.

According to the Columbia Encyclopedia (2007), the art forms created in this geographic part of the world that is now known as the country of Italy. The art works produced in this country have motivate the public interest and participation that is why there is a continuous production of monumental and spectacular art forms. In relation to this, Italian works of art has almost always been related with the intellectual as well as the religious events of the time. Furthermore, Italian art has been continuous source of inspiration for many people.

The early Italian renaissance art is characterized by its observance of the medieval art, which gives priority to religious traditions and belief. However, it introduced a new idea, which is the importance given to the value and capability of the human person. This kind of mentality is the main idea that the renaissance period emphasized. Great artists like Guido of Siena, Cimabue, and Duccio di Buoninsegna have created many paintings that retain the Byzantine conventions that adhere to religious arts but they also established a new naturalism and a direct importance to human emotions in their art.

This is greatly exemplified by the sculpture of Nicola Pisano as well as the fresco painting of Pietro Cavallini in Rome (Columbia Encyclopedia, 2007). The early Italian renaissance is the starting point wherein various art forms flourished. It was also during this time that paintings exhibit a new life and warmth that is similar to the intellectual revolution that is happening in the country in the light of renaissance. Reference ________. (2007). Italian Art. The Columbia Encyclopedia. Retrieved August 1, 2008, from http://www. bartleby. com/65/it/Ital-art. html.

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