Early Humans Essay

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Early Humans

What animals did the early humans hunt for food?

Early humans found meat from animals that were back in the day, the meat was not so common because before they had animals they had other types of food like for example, fruits from trees, nuts and sometimes even honey and the y also got berries form the burry bushes like raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and so on, but the animal that they always use to eat in the ancient times was the buffalo which was one of the most common animals in there specific villages and mostly when they would get the animals they would open them up with sharp things and then they would eat the meat and by the time they figured out fire they used fire to cook the food like we do know.

How the early Human nut and got their food?

Well the simple answer is that they used weapon to hunt the animals but we always thought that the early humans are stupid but the truth is that they are actually very smart because of the weapons they used for hunting and another thing they did to hunt food was that back in the early days there was a group of people called hunter gatherers and what hunter gatherers are is that basically a group of people for example from villages (mostly man) would go out to hunt for food mostly everyday and then when any of them would get food they will bring it to the group of people that they are and then the would most probably share the food with the people. And mostly the weapons would be made out of stones and wood. Also an example of the weapons they used wear spears and bows made out wood and stones. The most common food eaten nowadyaus are seeds. Also very populare is vegetables and fruits.

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