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Early Civilian Matrix Essay

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Early Civilizations Matrix Using your readings and outside sources, complete the following matrix. Be sure to address the following in your matrix Provide names, titles, dates, brief descriptions of important events, and other details, as necessary. Note the details of key political, socioeconomic, technological, artistic, musical, architectural, philosophical, and literary developments for each civilization listed in the table, which were evidenced in the humanities. Properly cite the sources you use in completing this matrix. The Budda tells the story of his life.

Buddhism is one of the most important Asian spiritual traditions.(Buddhism, n.d.)Brahmanism and Buddhism gave rise in India to form two types of socities. (Buddhism, n.d.) Buddist influences on print technology in East Asia are far reaching.Buddist Technology, n.d.)Buddist art is the artistic practices that are solely influenced by Buddhists(Buddhism, n.d.).Buddhist music or so call Saskit Music is an orginal form of a Buddhist chant.(Buddhism, n.d.)The development of Buddhist architecture can be traced back to the introduction of Buddhism.

Their main feature are temples. (Buddhism, n.d.)Buddhism philosophy is the teachings o the Buddha Buddist Philosophy, n.d.)Buddhist scriptures comprise on complicated texts. (Buddist Literature, 1982)Early Middle AgesThe political structure of the western Christendom were changing and the boundaries of the known world were expanding.(Politics in the Middle Ages, 1912)The Middle Ages were a dark age for Europe.

There was rapid technology progress during this time. One big improvement was the heavy plow. (Technology in the Middle Ages, n.d.)Art saw many changes during this period. (Art in the Middle Ages, n.d.)The music of the Early Middle Ages generally consisted of the secular music of the church. (Early Middle Ages, n.d.)During the Early Middle Ages, architecture can be divided in two classes religious and military architecture. (Newman, 2008-2014)The first period in the Early Middle Ages from around 400-1000 were called the Dark Ages.(Early Middle Ages, n.d.)Latin was the language of the church and of learning. (The Middle Ages, 2010-2014)High Middle AgesThere was political stability in Western Europe in the early High Middle Ages.(Middle Ages, n.d.) The High Middle Ages began after AD 1000. The churchs became the universal and unifying institutions. (The Middle Ages, n.d.)Some technology was developed with the heavy plow, tidal mills, and blast furnaces. (The Middle Ages, n.d.)Christian-oriented art architecture flourished. Crusades were mounted to recapture Holy Land. The music during this period was primarily religious in nature.

The music changed after the fall of Roman EmpireDuring the High Middle Ages, architecture took many innovative changes from Romanesque style to Gothic style. (Middle Ages,n.d.)The first truly great medieval philosopher was Augustine of Hippo. The Carolingian Rennaissance led to scientific Philoshical revival of Europe.A variety of cultures influenced the litersture of the High Middle Ages. (The Middle Ages, n.d.)Late Middle AgesThe Late Middle Ages went through major political changes. These changes were marked by the rise of strong and royalty-based nation-states.(Late Middle Ages Politics, n.d.)The Late Middle Ages lead to a crisis of events in the 14th 15th centuries that brought centuries of European property growth to a halt. The mining industry under went a transition during the Late Middle Ages.Until the late 11th century, Southern Italy occupied the western border of the vast Byzantine Empire.Medieval music is Western music written in the Late Midddle Ages. This era begins with the fall of the Roman Empire. (Late Middle Ages Music, n.d.) Gothic style and Christian motifs dominated aret and architecture during the Late Middle Ages.(Middle Ages, n.d.)Medieval philosophers are thehistorical success of the philosophers of this era.

The development of secular litersture written in the vernacular continued and accelerated in the Late Middle Ages. (Middle Ages, n.d.)Ancient GreeceAncient Greece wascomposed of mulitiple self-governing states. Political standing was determined by sex, age, foreign status, and states. ( Discovery Channel, 2010)Agriculture was difficult due to geographic necessities such as rich soil.Talos, automatic doors, steam engines, and water/air pumps. Talos was an operational robot.(Sfetos, 2002)Art during the Archac period was on a more natural level. Approved greek artists worked in jewelry making, metal working, ivory carving, and gem cutting. (The Metropolitian Museum of Art, 2000-2001)Lyric poetry and short songs with musical instruments. Poems to be sung by a chorus on sacred or ritual occasions. (King, n.d.)Donic Ionic principals. Columns were very popular in the Ancient Greece period.( The Metropolitian Museum of Art, 2000-2001) In Ancient Greece only free men born in the city were allowed to vote. They were able to enter political debates.( Philosphy Politics of Ancient Greece, 2002-2011)Poetry was created far before literature and writings. Poetry was intented for singing and reciting. (Greek Literature, 2001)Ancient RomanThe ancient government was very similar to that of greeks.

The Roman Empire was under one man rule until the beginning of time.(UNRV.com, 2003-2014)Slave-based economy. Agriculture and trade dominated the Roman economy. (UNRV.com, 2003-2014)Aqueducts, sewage systems and major technological achievements. The aqueducts brought water into the city of Roman and supplied water to some of the fountains.(Roman Technology, n.d.)Murels and large wall paintings were popular forms of art within Anciet Roman. Stautes, portraits, and sculptures were also important art forms.(The Art of Ancient Roman, n.d.)Romans took musical influence from those they conquered. Music in this time period was generally performed and associated with the military.( The Music of Ancient Rome, n.d.)Architecture was an essential part of the Roman period. Arches and columns of many different shapes and sizes became fluent within the city. (The Art of Ancient Rome, n.d.)By 50 BC, Romans began writing philosophy. Much of the Roman philosophy mocked greek philosophy. (Carr, 1998-2011)Roman literature began as dramas, which began with no song or dialogue.

It was much later, Rome began to see both comedies and tragedies played out by Roman Writers.(Roman Colosseum, 2008)ChinaAncient China had a government ruled by dynasties, sometimes united under on dynasty. China was ruled by emperors.The people of China were arranged in different social classes based on their economic status. (Ancient China History, n.d.)Ancient China was technically advanced in iron-making. Ancient Chian was also advanced in other technological fields.Chinese art is a visual art as we know it today. Traditional Chinese music can be traced back 7000-8000 yrs based on a bone flute made in Neolothic ( Discover.com, n.d).They lived in small houses made of mudbrick with only one room and dirt floors.(Discovery.com)Neo-Confuciumism became highly popular during this era.People in China started writing about 1500 BC. IndiaThe identity and unity of its government belong to the Ancient Vedic Age. The system goes back 5000 years or more. The customs, beliefs, and practices were quite different during the Ancient India. The modern numeration system was developed.

The art work during the India Era, consisted of sared murals and photographs.The Birthplace of Indiam musical Ragu and Swwarus.The architecture was a very unique style. Earliest architecture dated back to 2500 BC.The Bhagavad Gita is revered as a sacre text of Hindu. The Republic has 22 officially recognized languages.Judaism1st century Judaism was a cauldron of resentment and frustration.(Jadaism Politics, n.d.)Concerned with caring for the needy people of there society. Looks at remedying the situation of poverty.(Judaism Economist, n.d.)Technology helped them in understanding the commandments betterMterial on the art formation is extremely rare. Investigastions lead to pottery, seal-engraving, metal cast, and sculpture.Jewish music stems from Ancient prayer chants of the Levant some 3000 years ago.Synagogue architecture followed styles in vogue for artistic expression.(Jewish Architecture, n.d.)Early Jewish Philosophy drew heavily from Plato, Aristotle, ans Islamic philosophy.Hebrew literature consists of ancient, medieval, and modern writings in Hebrew language.Early ChristianEarly Christians fell within the boundaries of the Roman Empire. The citizens within the Roman Empire generally made offerings to the state Gods and Godesses. (Early Christian History, n.d.)Much Earl Christianity was underground, the economy and society was the same as the Roman Empire.

Christianity was no ant acceptable religion. Individuals remained a part of the Roman Empire.(UNRV.com,2003-2011)The technology used was similar to the Roman Empire. Aqueducts, sewage systems and amphitheaters were some of the greatest technological achievements .Art included decorations of the hidden places of worship. Early artists focused on portraying the Christians Beliefs.Music was discreet, Early Christian music came in the form of chants an versus.Early archecture was primarily for churches. This included the Basilica Church. The churches were primarily made of regular brick and marble.(Early Christian Architecture, n.d.)Early Christian wss derived from may subcuktures within the Roman Empire. The Christian church was a place for new ideas. (Graham,2011)Early literature included the New Testament, which was a collection of these writings. This included documentation of the early movement the words and death of Jesus. (TroxelIslamTotal tarianism seeks total political control. Not solely a religious movement.The Islamic economy was primarily dependent on trade between China, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Iraq, and Syria. (Carr, 1998-2011)The piston pump was created in 1206 AD.

The pump enabled water to travel underground to surface by means of pressure.(History of Science And Technoloy in Islam, n.d.)Islamic Art was primarily in pottery from potters used metal-based glazed on their pottery. (Carr, 2008-2011)Music took on a multi-cultural approach between 661-750 AD. Arab music had great influences.In the late 600s AD, they began to build mosques and oalaces. (Carr, 1998-2011)Islamic litersture was not always in existent. Arabic was primarily spoken and rarely written until after 1000 AD(Carr, 1998-2011) Use a list format of complete sentences rather than paragraphs. Do not copy and paste from outside resources. The following are two examples of the level of detail and documentation expected for this assignment Ancient Egyptian politics The union of Upper and Lower Egypt by Narmer in 3150 B.C.E. is commemorated in a 2-foot high slate known as the palette of Narmer (Sayre, 2013, pp. 3233). Ancient Greek architecture Minoan society The three-story palace at Knossos was a labyrinthine masonry structure with dozens of rooms and corridors built around a central courtyard (Sayre, 2013, pp. 4344). Include a reference page if you are using sources other than the textbook.

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