Early Christianity Essay

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Early Christianity

Christianity is one of the biggest religions in the world and is followed mostly all over the world. One of the first of the Christians was the followers of Jesus Christ, a Jew, who taught the way to live for each and every individual. He taught the concept that he is raised from dead that made people to consider the divine. He was celestial and showed people the way to deliverance. This concept increased the number of christens in the Rome and at the end of the fourth century it became the utter religion of the Rome. What were the reasons for the fast spread of Christianity? There were a number of them.

Mostly because of the teachings of Jesus, as it tells that there should be love in between all the human beings and there should be equality as well. This encouraged the poor and needy ones to convert. His concept of life after death attracted the people who were feared of there deaths. Decent revolution was another reason for all to be attracted; no matter they are poor or rich. Now what were the diverging views of the roman and Christens? Romans have a concept that a person should live a best possible life in this world and should live a luxurious care free life where as Christianity was not having this concept.

According to them a person should live through deliverance so that they could have the best of the life after death. Greek have some valid reason which actually made the Christens to think that was intelligence is through lonely time. This threatened christens that there followers might decrease. This was when church interpretation came into act so that the right thing should be guide and what is the real meaning of bible should be examined. Our acts can not save us from the fire of hell. It is only the teachings of the Jesus which can actually save us from the hell which could make us enter the heavenly life after death.

What was the origin of the unity of the human race? What was the origin of human sinfulness? According to Augustine it was the teachings of the Jesus Christ which actually was the origin of the unity of the human race. Jesus taught them that there will be no inequality between the poor and the rich and they are equal to the God. They should live for salvation instead of pleasure. They should love each other and should give respect to each other. No richer people have right to be superior and no poor are inferior to the wealthier one. All are equal and all are human.

The only thing they should care for is the life after death and people should live more for that than this life. This concept actually was the origin of the unity as after this there was unity in all race of human. No blacks were accused of being blacks and no whites were to be superior. This was the main origin of equality in human race. Augustine thinks that the desire of people to live as commanded by God so that they could achieve heaven is the main origin of the human race or human equality. Those who lived for this world and they don’t care of the life after death actually gives birth to the human sinfulness.

The desire to be wealthier and to increase the standard of living made human to be sinful. The thought of being better than others increased there sinfulness. This desire made them to do more and more sinfulness and actually origin the word of sinfulness. This actually was origin from roman people who wanted better in this life. What are the two cities, city of God and City of men, according to Augustine? What are there implications on the Christen teachings? There are two cities according to Augustine. City of men means this world that is the world according to which a person is judged. It is the world where you can get your pleasure.

Whereas the City of God is the life after death, where a person is judged according to there lives. This is the life of heaven or hell and is immortal whereas city of men is temporary and will be finished when Jesus will come again. City of men is dishonest whereas city of God is ideal. This gives christens the concept of life after death and tells them that everyone is judged according to its deeds. It also tells us that this world in not eternal and will be finished as the Jesus will come where as the life after death is forever so we should care for that life. This gives christens the concept and belief in life after death.

Who can measure the happiness of haven? Then it tells about the heaven where all will be happy and satisfied and they will be able to do whatever they want. They can live through there desires. Everywhere will be satisfaction and it is a place of spirits. There would be no evil at all. Later christens started hating Jews as they thought that hating Jews is right. As God hates Jewish people so they also started hating Jews. They stopped going to occasions of Jews. Saints started teaching Christens against Jews and that the Jews are the worst of the people. There is a disease in Jews that may cause some Christian’s attraction towards them.

This disease is needed to be cured. Now what is this Disease? This disease is not a medical disease. It is about the ‘Judaizing disease’ that means spreading of Judaism. They are to launch on christens to attend there festival and to fast with them. Some of the Christens who thinks that Jews have the same thinking as they have will go for it and will attend there festivals. This will cause people to accept Judaism. This is the fear of some christens and they wanted this disease to be finished. The disease is the spreading of Judaism not any medical disease and it should be finished with the help of the teachings of Bible by saints.

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