American society Essay

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American society

Childcare and early childcare education must be a priority for parents. It can be the difference between success and failure in American society. High quality early childhood education prepare children to succeed and become better citizens, they make higher wages, pay more taxes, and commit fewer crimes. Early education strengthens the foundations of lifelong learning of all children and supporting the educational and social needs for family. Researchers indicate that children who participate in early education programs make significant short-term and long-term gains in cognitive development.

Consistency in preschool can impact a child’s cognitive development preschools that provide a curriculum allows children to develop cognitive skills. The curricula build on the Childs existing skills and allow them to acquire new skills. Make believe is also another impact on cognitive and social skills. The preschooler who spend more time in sociodramatic play are seen as more socially competent by their teachers (Connolly & Doyle, 1984).

Many studies reveal that make believe strengthens a wide variety of mental abilities, including sustained attention, memory, logical reasoning, language and literacy, imagination, creativity, and the ability to reflect on ones own thinking, behavior, and take another’s perspective (Bergen & Mauer, 2000; Berk. Mann, & Organ, 2006; Elisa & Berk, 2002; Hirsh-Psek et al. , 2009; Lindsey & Colwell, 2003; Organ & Berk, 2009; Ruff & Capozzoli, 2003).

Having the child in the same preschool throughout the year allows them to develop relationship with adults and children, which provide a sense of security. A child that is Benefits of Early Childhood Education 3 comfortable with the willing to learn and participate in learning opportunities. Preschoolers gain in emotional understanding. Preschooler who spend more time engaged in sociodramatics play are better at taking personal responsibilities for following classroom rules and at regulating emotions ( Berk, Mann, & Organ 2006; Lemche et al. 2003).

Parents who take responsibilities to make sure their kids are in a quality childcare/preschool reap the benefits in the long run. Children start learning at an early age, and when they feel confident around the people they are around the more comfortable they will be at enhancing their education. Early education affects: social, physical, intellectual, creative and emotional developments.

A child who starts early education has the benefits of completing high school, having above average test scores and positive attitudes towards school among children and parents. Early education seems like a winner to me. Benefits of Early Childhood Education 4 References Berk, L. E. (2002) Tnfants and children: Prenatal through middlehood (7th ed. ). Boston, MA: Allyn & Bacon. ISBN:9780205831913 Retrieved August 1, 2014, from http://www. kueducation. com/early-chldhood/benefits-early- childhood-education Retrieved August 1, 2014, from http://www. Nowforlater. org/files/2013/03/The- Facts. pdf.


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