Early Childhood Development Essay

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Early Childhood Development

The work we do as early childhood educators is self-explanatory we work with children. We are expected to work with young children to communicate with them, play with them, care for their physical needs, teach them, and provide them with a sense of psychological comfort and security. In early childhood care and education we regard all areas of development- social, emotional, intellectual and physical- as important and interconnected. Because young children are vulnerable and dependent on adults for responsive care, we will be responsive care, we will expected to nurture and support all aspects of development.

Intentional teaching will be an important part of your preparation to be a teacher. Learning to select appropriate teaching strategies and to practice explaining why you choose them. As a part of the current emphasis on standards you will probably be expected to know what standards are used in your state and your program. Design a curriculum that addresses early learning standards assess what children have learned in terms of standards. Identify how you are meeting standards in your work with families.

You may find yourself being a consultant, a social worker, an advocate, a teacher, a reporter, a librarian, a mediator, a translator, a social director, and a postal carrier. Your job will be varied, engaging, and challenging. An important feature of the role that early childhood educator is working collaboratively with other adults. You have to figure out what qualities make you a good teacher of young children. Personal characteristics temperament, multiple intelligences are examples of personal values. Teachers need personal values and morality, and good attitude towards diversity.

You need the impact of life experiences and the ability to reflect on them. Teachers are those of specialized knowledge and skills. Being a teacher requires have professional commitment and behavior. They have legal responsibilities to adhere to professional values and ethics. My educational requirements include a BA degree and elementary teacher certification, specialized training my include training in early childhood education. Licensure varies by state. A job becomes a calling when the purpose is important.

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